Final Fantasy 16 promises to bring the magic of the old parts back

During an interview with the Japanese magazine Uniqlo, Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida has already revealed that the game is in a “final stadium” of development. Fans can possibly hope for an early unveiling, because the planned reveal is now for planned the spring 2022.

But the last single player games in the series, Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy 15, were criticized by the community. So that the mood before the unveiling is not too skeptical, Yoshida gives a little foretaste of what fans might expect.

Final Fantasy 16 supposedly brings flair of the old games back

Yoshida reveals (translation via Twitter) that the team is looking to deliver a game full of story and gameplay. In contrast to the MMORPG Final Fantasy 14, FF 16 should concentrate on pulling the players under the spell of the mature story. Already in the past, Yoshida showed that FF 16 would also be action-packed, but will probably also offer its own story mode.

What players can look forward to at FF 16 shows us Square Enix with a first trailer:

In addition, FF 16 should also pick up people who have turned their back on due to the criticism of FF 13 and FF 15 of the series. So the title should let the passion bloom from the past, which could mean that the game is more oriented towards the older parts of the series:

“We want people who have grown up are in working life and think” Reality is not as easy as a video game “and at some point separated from Final Fantasy, remembering their passion. We do that Play with this intention. “ fantasy-16-producer-hopes-it-will-back-lapsed-players

All information about Final Fantasy 16 is available here at a glance:

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that bothers fans to FF 13 and ff 15

Especially with titles like Final Fantasy 13, criticism was made that the areas are huge, but consist of mushy textures and empty levels. The enemies come up and the fights are always held in exactly one arena per area.

Final Fantasy 15 has already improved a bit through the detailed environments. But the premise that playing the ride of the Regalia car dragged on caused tears of despair for many players. It was not possible to actively control the Regalia and look at the surroundings with the fast vehicle.

Which final fantasy part should Final Fantasy 16 be best oriented?

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