Lost Ark: Players show through the new April

Smilegates MMORPG LOST ARK made a pretty amazing start on February 11, 2022. More than 1.3 million players at the same time explored the world of Arkesia and ventilated their various secrets. As is the case with every new title, Lost Ark, of course, could not hold this immense number of players forever, and the title settled with around 300,000 simultaneous players.

Lost Arks April update is well received by players

In the meantime, however, the large April update has been released, which, among other things, brought the Lanzenbägerin into the game as a new class. There were a few negative voices about the update in the community, but overall fans were probably quite satisfied with the wave of new content. This week Lost Ark (now buy 19.99 €) was the title with most of the simultaneous players on Steam for a short time, and the general figures are currently around 450,000 players.

In addition to a new class and a completely new continent, the new events of the April update were particularly helpful to ensure that more players were logged in in Lost Ark again. For example, players with the express mission event can bring a character that is still in one of the first two content animals to be fairly easy. The Wächter-Raid event also continues to run, which rewards players with valuable upgrade materials and other useful objects.

Lost Ark: What To Do With Your Old Gear

Probably the announcement of the first Legion Raid Valtan has sparked interest among many players, who of course now want to prepare their characters. Here you will also be supported by the ARK pass, which represents a kind of battle pass for the MMORPG. There are still some negative voices about some aspects of the game, but overall Amazon Games and Smilegates have already done a lot to make the life of their players a little more pleasant.

We will probably find out whether the title can keep its current number of players at the latest at the release of the Valtan Raid. In other regions, Lost Ark was able to win new players for themselves, who were all quite interested in the exciting Legion Raids. Streamer Asmongold believes that most of the Lost Ark Bots players are, but at least one or two real players are likely to walk around in the world of Arkesia.

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