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Final Fantasy XIV has repeatedly developed over the years and the players flock to Eorzea as quickly as the light goes through the tissue of the space -time itself. While you travel through the countries, you may bring your different mounts for the trip. Of course, one of the most popular mounts of the fans for the whole _ final Fantasy_ Franchise are the fluffy feathered chocobos, who always like to prepare an excited screeching when they are near them. You can even have a chocobo fight at your side _ Final Fantasy XIV_ and this advice article shows you how exactly that works.

how to get a chocobo to fight with you in Final Fantasy XIV

After you have completed the main quest for activation to get a chocobo with your Grand Company, you can start a new quest from Camp Tranquil from South Shroud. The quest giver is called “Docette” and the quest title is “My Feisige Little Chocobo”. You have to accept and complete this quest to unlock the ability to get a chocobo to fight at your side _ final Fantasy XIV_.

When you have completed the quest, you can summon your chocobo to fight by calling the accompanying chocobo menu and using Gysahl Greens that can be bought in different places in Eorzea. Such a place is the market boards where you can get a lot of it, but sometimes you can be expensive through the market boards, so make sure you only get you through if it is a business for you.

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Now you can move into battle with your chocobo and even improve its statistics, there is certainly a lot to enjoy with the system! Chocobos are great mounts and actually one of the more fluffy mounts!

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_ Final Fantasy XIV _ is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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