Tower of Fantasy is the MMORPG, which ought to have been effect


a great deal of tale and also little multiplayer to get begun

Tower of Fantasy is one of the MMORPGs that will still show up with us in 2022.

On April 19, the Closed Beta ZutoWower of Fantasy started. Meinmmo editor Alexander Leitsch has currently spent 15 hours of play in it and also is rather pleased by the combat system, the open world as well as the lots of tasks. For him it is already the MMORPG that should have been impact.

After around 40 hours of play I got out, generally because the multiplayer was miserable in my eyes. Playing with each other typically felt a lot more like a punishment than after a reward as well as I am somebody that merely can not play solitary player games any longer. I am conscious that Gensin Impact need to not be a MMORPG, however I would have liked to have wished it.

If you had fun with Gensin or are looking for a brand-new anime MMORPG, you should certainly review on, because the game inspired me in the initial couple of hrs.

For me, Tower of Fantasy clearly has the front after just a couple of hrs. On the one hand, this is due to the combat system as well as the genuine MMORPG sensation, however also because I really play my character-and not strong heroes as in Gensin.

This is also why I have actually had a look at Tower of Fantasy given that the start of 2021. Visually and in terms of web content, there were many parallels theoretically, such as the vivid open world in which there is a lot to discover. The closed beta enabled me to dive deeper right into the game – and also it deserved it.

Genshin Impact was the huge shock in the service games in 2020. As a result of the beautiful game world, the easy however fun combat system and an intriguing tale, lots of gamers captivated – including me.

In front: Tower of Fantasy is a totally free anime MMORPG with a vivid scifi world, an energetic combat system as well as gacha for characters and also weapons. The game sets a substantial part of chance in money making, due to the fact that you can just make some points out of boxes for a currency that you enter -video game, but also with genuine money.

_ Meine initially 60 minutes in Tower of Fantasy can be complied with right here: _

After the primary steps in the tutorial, I get the chance to design my personality myself. I have the selection of two sexes, various hairdos, faces and also percentages in the body. The personality editor is not super outlined as in Black Desert, however adequate to vary from various other players.

There is likewise the option to miss lots of cutscenes and also dialogues if you desire to focus on gameplay. It is currently rather uncertain whether there will likewise be a German localization to launch.

It is necessary that I do not select a course, but only identify your appearance . I later discover the skills and the battle style of the selection of weapons and the Simulacra, avatars for my personality, which are later on clarified a lot more exactly.

The entrance into Tower of Fantasy is led with dialogues and also cutscenes. I locate out that I am on the planet AIDA.

I spend the first 20 degrees practically entirely in the solitary player. I comply with the tale missions, however additionally locate many side pursuits outdoors world. At degree 15 I additionally discover the day-to-day jobs, which consist of the following:

There are also breasts and also products around the globe that I can accumulate. I had a great deal of fun in Gensin Effect.

  • Bounty pursues outdoors world
  • Exploration tasks in the open world like unique upper bodies or locations that I ought to discover
  • The damages, a type of solo dungeon
  • The cook for whom I must simply try 3 random meals – which brings well experience points

An additional highlight is the activity -packed combat system , which does not offer as well numerous skills, but has some information that need to be mastered.

However, the trendy open world as well as the mobility in it currently mesmerizes me in these levels . I can sprint, swim, climb and have a jet pack to get over larger chasms. There are likewise places, including a great motorcycle that I get straight to the begin.

change of tools, battles in the air and the ideal dodging

I can open brand-new weapons through the Gacha system . Below are boxes that I can purchase for a currency and also from which an arbitrary weapon comes. Some tools are likewise available via the Simulacra. The Simulacra are characters whose playing style I can find out. I also open this through a gacha system, similar to the personalities in Gensin.

Directly, I have much more enjoyable than Gensin, however I can comprehend anyone who chooses the various other combat system.

Generally, Tower of Fantasy plays a lot more activity -packed than Gensin, however not quite as fluid. Some computer animations are checked off and also enemies often act a little bit stiff, which must give you the excellent dodging.

To improve you in the video game, I have to upgrade my tools. The good thing regarding Tower of Fantasy is that I can click every material in the interface and also after that see specifically where I obtain it from.

Dodging additionally has another intriguing and also crucial impact. If I perfectly stay clear of an adversary strike – here is Timing everything – I produce a dome in which all enemies are icy briefly.

Tower of Fantasy relies on an action -stuffed combat system, albeit with target aid. I have a challenger firmly visible and attack it with my assaults – but additionally enter into absolutely nothing if I do not obtain close enough to it.

I can also provide my weapons appropriate enchants, which causes new effects and also more damages.

Each weapon has its own car assault (left mouse switch), a capacity (by default on the 1), a special impact in the billed weapons adjustment and also an element that figures out the damage kinds. Initially glimpse, that doesn’t appear like a great deal, yet due to the fact that assaults can also be lugged out in the dive and in the air as well as I need to constantly evade, there is a great deal of dynamics and unique combos can be executed.

Each Simulacra has its own story that I can proactively play, can be supplied with presents as well as has its own appearance as well as unique computer animations in the abilities. I can likewise visually shut off the Simulacra, so I just profit from the style of play, however I still represent my personality.

In my existing setup, for instance, I rely upon a scythe for damages to a number of objectives in close battle, a spear for targeted damages to a goal as well as the arc for damage from ranged fight.

In the video game there are 19 various weapons types , including spears, swords and arcs, however additionally guns and also a chakram, an advanced ring with which I can defeat enemies. In combat, I can gear up three tools at the same time as well as change back as well as forth in between them in the battle.

the first dungeons and contacts with other players

By the method, if you are scared to only invest your time in dungeons, you can cool down. You can

In the weekly tasks, I first find the operations, something like dungeons for three players. This is readily available for degree 20, 25, 31, 37, 43, 50 and also 60. I can join you through an LFG request or an automatic line up.

With every degree there are other team activities, consisting of trials in which I fight directly against hefty bosses. PvP is later opened, including a 1V1 arena.

Admittedly, I have just done three procedures and some solo dungeons. At the very least on the reduced levels in between 20 and also 27, they were fairly basic. The PvP is next on my program and also I will certainly upgrade this area as soon as I am submersed therein.

  • Story quests remain to adhere to where you deal with the Tower of Fantasy in the game
  • Do the side quests
  • Play the tales of the Simulacra
  • Completely explore the locations
  • Success searching – currently I have simply 84 out of 2,600 feasible successes

TOWER OF FANTASY Impressions | MY THOUGHTS from the CBT1 so far!
At degree 20 I nearly change the multiplayer cost-free . Before that, I only occurred to have contact with other players outdoors world.

One more benefit of Tower of Fantasy is the team system . So I can join a guild, discuss there in a chat and also increase the guild by doing contributions and also doing special staff missions. This is fun as well as produces communication.

gacha as well as complex shops

This is gone along with by a variety of money, for which I can just make statements in the further program of the video game.

There is likewise a Season Pass for actual cash that contains updating materials as well as other openings for the gacha system.

I have mentioned it numerous times: Tower of Fantasy randies on possibility with the Simulacra as well as new tools . Dark Crystal, on the various other hand, can be made in -video game from breasts, daily missions as well as successes, but likewise buy straight for actual money.

It is currently vague to me to what level the gacha system for weapons and also Simulacra affects the PvP. Right here it would be feasible that Pay2win is readily available.

Compared to Gensin Influence, I obtain much simpler in Tower of Fantasy to the Dark Crystals if you just play in -video game. In the 15 hours I had the ability to open around 20 weapon upper bodies with no troubles.

What bothers me greater than the evident gacha system are the several stores. There is a Crystal Dust Shop, a Tool Store with upgrade materials, a staff and three even more, of which I don’t understand concerning it What exactly they do because I haven’t opened them.

Conclusion: After 15 hours I have a whole lot of fun, yet not everything is clear

Nevertheless, the cool open world and also the mobility in it already astounds me in these degrees . Dodging also has another essential as well as interesting result. I can open new tools through the Gacha system . An additional benefit of Tower of Fantasy is the staff system . I have stated it a number of times: Tower of Fantasy randies on chance with the Simulacra and also brand-new weapons **.


  • Gacha system for weapons and Simulacra
  • Opaque shops
    When fighting, * Somewhat hooky animations


  • Lovely video game globe where there is a great deal to discover
  • Great deals of story material and also readied to music cutscenes
  • Action -jam-packed and enjoyable combat system
  • Awesome concept with the “excellent evading”
  • Timeless MMORPG with dungeons, guilds as well as PvP

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