How to dive under water in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV allows players to travel on the ground, sea and air, traveling through the lands of Eorzea and beyond. Those who want to master the underwater trip to the Final Fantasy XIV will have to adapt to the new controls, since immersion may be difficult for beginner underwater researchers.

Depending on what type of controller the players in the Final Fantasy XIV use, the maneuverability controls under water are different. You can see the commands below:

how to dive into Final Fantasy XIV

PlayStation *: a circle to dive, a triangle to rise, the left joystick to move.
Controllers xbox *: b – dive, y – rise, left joystick – move.

How to dive in Final Fantasy XIV (14)
* Keyboard : ctrl + gap to dive, gap to rise, WASD to move.

If the players do not rise or dive with the help of the above commands, go to the control menu to check if you reassigned the buttons. Swimming becomes the standard part of the Final Fantasy XIV in Stormblood. The second paid extension for the Final Fantasy XIV presented the swimming mechanics back in 2017, and any of the areas of this expansion requires immersion players in underwater locations.

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