Final Fantasy XIV guidelines for earning money: The best ways to get Gil in Patch 6.1

Money rules the world and the same applies to Final Fantasy XIV ‘s world. Having enough gil to finance any adventure to which you get involved can be a burden on your virtual wallet. With almost every activity in the game that rewarded something Gil, it can be quite difficult to find out which way is the best to quickly earn a lot in Final Fantasy XIV. While you can always play through the game as you want and slowly earn Gil over time, there are some methods that reward more Gil than others. Let us talk about how you can earn Gil quickly in Final Fantasy XIV.

So you quickly earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

Collecting and manufacturing are the two best things that you can do in Final Fantasy XIV to quickly earn Gil. Collecting brings you the greatest profit because you don’t spend anything to maintain the raw materials. You may need a little gil at the beginning if you just want to tinker, but you will make some big winnings if you are good at tinkering. The biggest profit you can achieve is to both collect and manufacture. In this way you get the total profit from what you sell.

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You can also play your compulsory roulette and daily runs with the latest content. Each roulette rewards you with bonus-Gil and XP. If you also stand up as the needy class, you will receive even more GIL and XP as well as bonus items that can be exchanged for Materia, which can then be sold or used. If you run the content of the maximum level, you will be rewarded with objects that you can exchange for material that you can sell. You may also get some of the new henchmen while executing the new content.

You can also do a few things to earn passive income, e.g. B. by sending their followers to activities. These can reward materials that can be sold, and depending on the company, you can reward one of the newer henchmen. You can also breed elementary crystals in residential property gardens. Elementary crystals are not the most valuable objects in Final Fantasy XIV, but they are constantly selling. So you can have a steady replenishment of Gil. If you need further help for Final Fantasy XIV, be sure to read our other guidelines.

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