Com2us, Com2us Global Content Literature 2021

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo Reporter] Com2us (Song Jae-joon, Lee) published 22 days award work house for “Com2us Global Content Literature 2021”.

Com2us has held ‘Com2s Global Content Literature’ every year since 2018 for the purpose of excellent creative talent to lead to future games and content markets.

Com2Verse Prototype Demonstration Video

Last year, the competition was focused on the excavation of scalable stories as a variety of content, including webtoons, web novels, and feature novels, including games, and a total of 400 cases in the two sectors of the “Free theme” and ‘Designated Subject’. Kenaz, Kenaz, who is leading the Saizhou Content market in Com2us, and Gosknotieni participated in the examination, and the final segment of the final segment based on the possibility of the secondary creation production, and the evaluation criteria for the production, and the evaluation criteria.

Through this achievement work, we have been able to inspire the achievement and pride of the achievements of the award writers, and to the readers, respectively.

The work of this work was collaborated with the illustrator ‘Kimsta’, which is popular with MZ generation as a romantic sensitizer. The label is designed to apply the “your flower” artwork, which is the subject of the formal formula BI, which is a competition official BI, and it is designed to be designed to be designed to apply for a worldview of each work by an attractive flower.

Com2us has expanded the winner of the competition winners last year, and took a variety of privileges to strengthen the creative capacity of winners, together with the maximum prize money of 40 million won. The awards ceremony has also had a meaningful time to divide the winners in the metaverse space in the metaverse space by providing a stage in the metaverse space in the metaverse space of the Creator’s imagination and dream.

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