Can I really play alone? I tried to play “FF14 Shinsei Eorzea” with solo # 2 [Content Practice]

MMORPG “ Final Fantasy XIV ” operated by Square Enix. From the large-scale update on April 12, the functionality that can be captured solo in the early stage of the game is implemented, and you can play the main story alone.

This time, this time, we will deliver the fact that you actually use the function “content supporter” to capture content solo!

# Preparation of battle is Batch? First of all from the “Beginner’s House”

As you proceed with the main story, the familiar flying boat appeared in “FF” at the quest around 15 levels, and you will be able to go to other countries. In the case of the “Rima Romina” start, it will be possible to go to the city of the forest “Glidania” and the city of the desert, so don’t forget the sympathy with Atherite! “Favorite registration” of each city will save Gill. When you can go back to these three capitals, it is the first dungeon rush soon.

The dungeon that will be challenged first is a cave called “Sastasha”, and it seems to be a pirate’s agito. It will be directed to such a cave survey, but this dungeon is essential to a party capture. In other words, it is the “content supporter” that is a function that can be played by _ solo!

Before that, let’s prepare for battle. I would like to have a fight for the “FF14” battle.

First of all, let’s deepen your understanding about your own roles and jobs. The account “FF14 beginner’s House of FF14 Beginner” is also a tweet that describes the basic tactics of the early stage job, so let’s check this first.

If it is a 巴, “Lein is the basis of attack, so let’s make it easy to push!” Because we use samon 〇 after ether charge, this skill is better to be close… “, along the way of fighting Changing the skin position of the hotbar is easy to fight.

This is a tutorial video that collaborates with “secret associator nails” five years ago, and some information such as the number of jobs, the number of jobs, etc. is the old part _, but at a basic party You can check the flow of battle.

In the game, the facility called “Beginner’s Hall” will be available before the dungeon rush. Beginner’s hall can practice basic parts, such as tank, DPS, and healer practical training, gimmic processing and reinforcement, and how to take hate and how to recover. If you can clear the training safely, you can capture the dungeon difficulty!

In addition, you can also get the installation of the training by completing training to the end! The design is also good, and it is also possible to cope with the dungeons and raid bosses, so let’s clear it to the final training!

Open character information (if keyboard operation is “C”), press “Saiko” (the second image, red circle part), select and equip with the best performance from the current hand-held equipment. There is also a function to

If you clear the content or get the equipment in quest rewards, let’s push it carefully!

And on the left side of the beginner, there is also a review of terms and abbreviations that are used for capture. “AOE” is introduced in screenshots is the orange range that appears in enemy attacks. “DOT” is like poison or slip damage, and Damage is given at regular intervals during the effect time. “DOT” is the point to re-enroll and update so as not to cut the effect time! This applies to this “Sander” and archery ‘Benombyte’, “Aero” of the archery.

# Izue actual battle! Snock using “Content Supporter”!

When the job actions and rings, and the equipment confirmation is complete, when it is rushed to the dungeon! The battle at this party is one of the best things of “FF14”.

By talking to NPC in this way, it will be able to rush into the dungeon. Since there is a “content finder” that uses the matching function with other players, there is a “content supporter” that joins and enters a party with NPCs, so this time, select “ support NPC and rush “!

. It is a so-called “gisgis”…… Because the party is a gathering of people towards the same goal, it is not an arrival of this and missing remarks. If “Content Supporter”, it is safe because you don’t have to meet someone who speaks without such mind!

# # ~ Natural Damage Sustaina Eve

Release your mind and rush into the content! When entering the content, it is a manor to say hello, but this party member is NPC, no one will return to chat.

** If you want to put a spirit, let’s cry in front of the screen! Let’s cry.

If you go near the enemy in the dungeon, the tank cuts the lead and starts combat. If DPS attacks the same enemy as the tank, it will be the practice of what you have learned so far, such as recovering the tank if it is a healer! There are also enemies that reduce the key to the dungeon’s way, so let’s advance while recovering these as appropriate.

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Basically, the dungeon is composed of cycles such as “Michi → Boss 1 → Road → Boss 2 → Road → Boss 3″. Since the boss battle will need a gimmick capture, let’s observe the field carefully!

Sastasha’s final boss, “Dae’s Deng” gimmick is a water surface that is boiling. Since the water surface placed in four ways of the field is bubbled with Boko Boko, this will be examined to prevent the reinforcement of the fish enemies. Don’t match the water surface, but it’s not an annihilation, even if you have a miscellaneous fish enemy, let’s process down and handle (in the specifications, NPC will not participate in Gimmick processing. You need to cancel the gimmicking).

Content is clear if you cut the final boss HP! Thank you for your hard work! Spa-Chan strongest! Although the content clear time is more than 20 minutes and more slower than when using the matching function with the player, the part that can feel free to challenge alone is still a big benefit.

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