FCK coach Antwerp: So you can not guide a game

“They are difficult to assess,” Antwerp, the SV Wehen Wiesbaden had already assessed in “Magenta Sport” before kick -off – and should therefore be right. In the end, it was 1: 2 from the point of view of the FCK in the Hessian capital, after the hosts had already taken the lead in the second minute: “We were surprised at the beginning of the aggressiveness,” said Antwerp after the final whistle. For the coach of the Red Devil “An away thing from us”.

Lautern sleeps and puts on itself

Captain and scorer Hendrick Zuck also agreed with his trainer: “We overslept the initial phase.” As a result, however, he saw an increase in the FCK: “We come back and make the game,” said Zuck, who received the approval of his trainer: “In the second half, we better adjusted to the game.”

According to Antwerp, the fact that there was not only no victory but even a defeat for the guests. “Ultimately, Wehen Wiesbaden had no chance of scoring and we half prepare the goal,” the 50-year-old alluded to his goalkeeper Matho Raab, whom Ahmet Güryelen had used for the winning goal.

referee of the atmosphere not up to?

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In addition to the performance of his team, the trainer also bothered himself from the game management of Florian Badstübner: “Look at the atmosphere when someone is asked on the pitch who is stopping the morning – he didn’t do that today.” In fact, there were some heated situations in front of 9671 spectators-due to the numerous Lautern fans, a 3rd league record setting in the Brita Arena that had led to a pack formation after half an hour. “You can’t lead a game like this,” said Antwerp in Badstübner clearly.

Sugick also confirmed that the mood, which also assumed the benches, had an impact on their own game: “It is about something, that is clear. It is okay that there is a hustle and bustle, it is just not too much. We have to concentrate on our game. ” Antwerp was less diplomatic. The statement of his counterpart Markus Kaczinski, after the final whistle, was forgotten on the bench, he dismissed and made it clear: “This is always a fairy tale. I don’t know Markus Kauczinski.”

with fan madness to the double triano

Due to the defeat, the red devils in the fight for the 2nd division must now also hope for the competition or their opponents. Her coach also emphasized this: “I hope that all teams keep against it as Wiesbaden today.” Meanwhile, our own timetable summarized Zuck: “We now have two games and want to get six points.”

The first of these games will take place next Saturday (2 p.m.) against Borussia Dortmund II. In front of a home backdrop, it will certainly be atmospheric and emotional again on the Betzenberg. Zuck also sees this a possible advantage and knows about the extent of the support from the ranks: “This is amazing.”

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