Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to get the FREE Pokemon for the European Championship 2022

Pokémon celebrates between April 22 and 24 The European Championship of Europe 2022. This edition is more special if it is possible, since it marks the return of the face-to-face tournament after two years of cancellations by the pandemic. The Pokémon Company celebrates it by offering free a very special Pokémon for Pokémon sword coaches and shield.

How to get free Pokémon from the International Championship of Europe

  • In Pokémon Spain and Shield, open the menu and select the Mysterious Gift option
  • Select the option Get via code or pChampionshipsword
  • Start the Internet connection
  • Once the drop-down get the following capital letters: EU1C2022G1FT
  • Select the DracoVISH frame gift. You will see the collection of obtaining the gift. The code will be available during the event holding.

How is the free dracovish for Pokémon sword and shield?

The Pokémon who gives the company is the DracoVisc who used Marco Silva during the Oceania 2020 International Championship. We talk about a water / dragon-type Pokémon presents Level 50 . It comes next to the scarf election object, which enhances speed at the cost of being able to perform a single movement.

It comes with the abilities Franquibido (water), avalanche (rock), crushing (sinister) and dragon load (dragon) . It comes with the tournament champion tape, for having achieved the gesture with frame.

Next, we leave you with your detailed statistics.

  • PS: 166

  • Attack: 156
  • Defense: 120
  • Speed: 95
  • Special Defense: 132
  • Special Attack: 81
  • Skill: strong jaw

Обзор Pokemon Sword/Shield и в чём вообще суть игр серии Pokemon

Remember that once you can exchange it will go directly to your PC boxes . You must add it to your group from there if you want to start practicing with it.

You can follow the European Pokémon Championship in Europe 2022 throughout this weekend. The programming on Saturday, April 23 will start at 09:00 (CEST), with coverage to current deliveries and the final items of Pokkén Torunament DX and Pokémon Go. Sunday will start at 10:00 (CEST)

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