Wow: DragonFlight: We introduce you to the new zones of the dragon islands

Friends of the World of Warcraft, keep your anti-dandruff shampoo ready. The dragons are going on! Again, you could say. But with the freshly announced WOW extension DragonFlight for the first time in the old home of the dragons: to the dragon islands. In the course of the Announcement Stream of 19 April 2022 Blizzard has already introduced the new areas of the add-on. Below we have summarized everything important to you (numerous pictures of the dragon islands included).

Dragonflight Announce Cinematic Trailer | World of Warcraft

Why do we visit the dragon islands at all?

About 10,000 years ago, at the end of the war of the ancestors, there was a catastrophic event known as the great breaking. When the fountain of eternity was destroyed, nearly 80 percent of the land mass of Kalimdor sailed in the sea. Also the dragon islands, the place of origin of the dragons, disappeared from the screen.

But that’s exactly what changes with DragonFlight. Through a wave elementary energy, the dragon islands awaken back to life, and the sky over the islands will be illuminated by the colors of the dragon aspects that have come to recall their rightful home.
Wow: DragonFlight – Blizzard presents the new zones of dragon islands (17) Source: Blizzard
However, old threats and wild protodrates are in this project in the way, as well as the elemental half-riesen on the island, which call himself to Djaradin. They are hostile the dragon and hunt them with the power of the magma. Even the black dragon swarm, who was once on destruction, made it to the dragon’s islands. Yes, that also means that there will be a reunion with furoration. He wants to help his brothers and sisters in the black dragon swarm to leave their gloomy past under the leadership of his father’s death swing and his devastating deeds.

The four new zones of dragon islands

On the dragon islands, the archaeological academy and the research league work together to explore and expose the ancient history of dragon islands and their four new zones. Say: The scientists, settlers and heroes of Horde and Allianz will jointly help the dragon aspects to solve the threats and puzzles of dragon islands. The islands are divided into the following four areas:

The coast of awakening

The first zone we will get to know in DragonFlight is the coast of awakening . The red dragon swarm and the Djaradin fight for this wild, untamed country.
Wow: DragonFlight – Blizzard introduces the new zones of dragon islands (4) Source: Blizzard

The levels of Ohn’ahra

The levels of Ohn’ahra are a wide flat country, which is occupied by centaurs and fiery protodrates. The Zentaursklan, who lives here, is located with the green dragon swarm in a long feud. This has settled in the nearby grove.

Wow: DragonFlight – Blizzard introduces the new zones of dragon islands (6) Source: Blizzard

The azure mountain range

The snowy azure-blue mountains is a huge, dizzying zone in which the tuscraft celebrated by the fans struggle at the side of Kalecgos and the blue dragon swarm.
Wow: DragonFlight – Blizzard introduces the new zones of the dragon islands (13) Source: Blizzard

Thaldraszus and the new capital Valdrakken

Last but not least, there are Thaldraszus , the power seat of all five dragon swarms, in the player also the new capital Valdrakken (including a separate auction house!). A special “Point of Interest” is also the technical masterpiece Tyrs Needle, an ancient decor received by the Titans while the kingdom slept.

The dragon islands in her full splendor

We still have a lot more official pictures of the dragon islands for you:

See all 18 pictures in the gallery

Wow: DragonFlight – Blizzard presents the new zones of dragon islands (2) [Source: Blizzard]

All other information about the freshly announced WOW extension Dragonflight will find your in our great review article . For example, you will also find the well-known details of the new Dracthyr class, the new talent tree and the feature of dragon riding. How does your first imprint fall after the announcement? Are you looking forward to DragonFlight? Betray us in the comments!

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