All new culinary recipes in patch 6.1 for Final Fantasy XIV

Update 6.1 Added a lot of new craft features to Final Fantasy XIV. Culinary will have to master some new dishes. Compared with some other professions, such as blacksmith, the cook did not receive such love from Square Enix. But sometimes it’s more as a product than in its quantity. Let’s look at the kitchen to see what is preparing there.

6.1 crafting recipes

  • Wonderful parfast
    • Palm sugar x2

FFXIV 6.1 Patch Notes Is Here: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.
* Dark rye flour
* La la moon orange
* Rolandberry
* Spiny Pineapple
* Amra
* Fire crystal x8

* Crystal water x8
  • squid ripyan
    • Tavnair squid
    • Perilla x2 oil
    • Garlean cheese
    • Alien Louce
    • Bloody tomato
    • Lunar Essential Sand
    • Fire cluster x3
    • Water cluster x3
  • Calamarakia Tiganitis
    • Tavnair squid
    • Oil Perilla
    • Dark rye flour x2
    • Curly parsley
    • Limonett
    • Lunar Essential Sand
    • Fire cluster x3
    • Water cluster x3

Here it is. This is a short but pleasant list for culinary in this patch. While many other professions are associated with the creation of new housing items, culinary can focus on what it turns out best.

patch 6.1 crafting recipes

  • Alchemik
  • Gunsmith
  • Kuznets.
  • A carpenter
  • Jeweler
  • Kozhevnik
  • Wuver

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