So you get the retractable Azeyma Minion in Final Fantasy XIV

Patch 6.1 was a big update for Final Fantasy XIV , it not only came out the new MSQ, but also a new alliance raid and lots of new items. Some of the rather cosmetic objects, which the players always focus are the ribs and henchmen, and one of the henchmen added to Final Fantasy XIV was the azeymma henchmen. This is a servant of one of the Godfiguren in the world of Final Fantasy XIV and is a good connection to the new Alliance Raid. Let’s talk about how you can get this servant for yourself and let yourself be followed by a little god.

How to get the Azeymma Minion in Final Fantasy XIV

This servant is a great connection to the new Alliance Raid, as it is one of the bosses against which they need to fight to end the RAID. While the servant does not fall from the boss encounter she is modeled, you will receive it by completing the alliance overflow. Normally, a copy of the AZEYMA servant will be dropped for each run from Final Fantasy XIV’s Alliance RAID, so you may need to make a decent number of runs before finally dicing higher than the rest of your alliance and you get.

Unfortunately, the servant has no special forces like her divine counterpart, but it is still a nice little servant when they are a fan of Azeyma. It works like most minions and follow them everywhere. For most players, it will probably take a while until they get them, as they can only claim an item per week from the Alliance Raid prey. That is, if you want the servant, you must pass the entire first-class equipment that falls throughout the raid, and do not run the RAID again to have another chance to get the desired equipment.

Of course, nothing is wrong to take the minion when he falls for the first time. If you are a collector and already have first-class equipment, then dice with the minion and hope you win. In addition to the servant drop in the end, there are also lubricals and triple-triad cards that also fall. If you have nothing better from the alliance overflow, these are always great options that you can grab. If you need more help with Final Fantasy XIV, you should definitely read our other guides.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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