How to get the robe architeon in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV brought a lot of new content with updating 6.1, including the new plot content, a new raid and a new unlockable armor for those who appreciate glamorous collections. Archfiend outfit is one of the most interesting new equipment sets in Final Fantasy XIV.

To unlock the versions of the architeon in Final Fantasy XIV, players must purchase the chest with the architeon’s dresses . The chest with the cloud of architeon is a reward for Achievement of the 25th rank in the 1st series of crystalline conflict in Final Fantasy XIV. This item is a temporary reward throughout the series 1. Players can follow the progress of their PVP series by turning to the page Character tab and selecting PVP part.

New Mounts Added in Patch 6.1 & How to Get Them

As soon as the players go to the Series Malmstones page, they will be able to view all 30 levels of the Series page. To find out how close you are close to the level of level, check the right upper corner of the Malmstone series page, where it is shown how much experience you have and how much is required to go to the next level. Players receive SERIES Malmstone experience, participating in the Crystalline Conflict PVP-arena.

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