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Patch 6.1 of the Final Final XIV_ presents the first part of the series of incursions of the Myths of the Realm. Called Aglaia, this new duty of 8 men faces members of the twelve, gods worshiped by the inhabitants of Eorzea. However, unlocking this incursion has requirements slightly different from those of alliance incursions in previous expansions. In our unlocking of Aglaia de Final Fantasy XIV Guide, we will detail what you should do to enter this last incursion, along with the rewards you can get.

Final unlock requirements Fantasy XIV AGLAIA

Even if you are up to date with the previous _Worning, there are some missions that must be completed before you can start the MYTHS OF THE REALM MISSIONS. For Aglaia, the main prerequisite is the progression of the main history of patch 6.1. There are 5 missions of the main history that must be completed (one of which includes the last dungeon), and the final mission is “the pain of a brother”. The initial secondary mission Myths of the Realm will be available just before completing Brother’s Grief.

Once this is done, you can go to Old Sharlayan. Here, the NPC «Fresh face student» in X: 9.1, and: 11.4 will give you the mission “a mission in dhona mor”. After this search is “the Kingdom of the Gods”, which unlocks duty Aglaia.

To enter Aglaia, it must be in a level 90 job that has an average element level of 565. This is easily achieved through its artifact equipment obtained at level 89, along with some improvements through dungeon accessories.

For a complete list of ways to increase the level of your item in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Check out our Final Fantasy XIV equipment guide: Endwalker for 6.1.

Final rewards Fantasy XIV Aglaia

The main reward of Aglaia is the “Panthean” Equipment ILVL 590 (this does not include weapons) thrown by each of the main leaders. While you can use several pieces of equipment, it is only possible to obtain 1 per week.

Each week, you also get an additional reward of 2 cracked anthoclusters (used to obtain X grade matter on RADZ-AT-HAN) and 1 currency Aglaia. The AGLAIA currencies are exchanged through NESVAAZ NPC in Radz-AT-Han in X: 10.6 and: 10.0. Each coin is exchanged by 1 Radiant Twine or Radiant Coating. Currently, there is no way to change the AGLAIA currencies by Radiant Roborant, the item used to improve weapons.

Radiant Twine is used to improve the 590 level Astronomy Tomestone armor at level 600, and Radiant Coating does the same with accessories. To improve your equipment, change them together with the RADIANT element corresponding to NPC Khaldeen in RADZ-AT-HAN in X: 10.9, and: 10.4.

On future patches, this weekly blocking for equipment and currencies will eventually be deleted. In addition, AGLAIA currencies will also potentially be necessary for future equipment update elements, so it’s worth saving them if there are no current updates you want.

FFXIV - Aglaia 24 Man Raid Guide

Finally, Aglaia’s last head has some additional drops in addition to the team. These come in the form of a minion wind-up azeyma, 3 rolls of Orchestrion (pilgrimage, glow and equilibrium) and triad Triple Nald cards. Unlike equipment chests that are exclusive to your group, these additional rewards can be granted by 24 people in duty.

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