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Final Fantasy XIV has so many additional currencies and objects that it can be so hard to keep up with you. With the big 6.1 patch, Final Fantasy XIV added another new area of a currency called Aglaia coins, which confuses many players. While you play the game occasionally, you may suddenly find one of these coins in your inventory without knowing how to get there or what you should do with it. Let’s talk about how to get Aglaia coins and what they do with them as they have them.

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How to get Aglaia coins and what you do in Final Fantasy XIV

If you are going through all the new content added with patch 6.1, you may suddenly find one or the other Aglaia coin in your inventory. You did not get it as a quest reward and it does not seem like it’s out of the new dungeon. The only other thing that could offer you something like this is the new alliance raid. Compared to other alliance raids, it makes sense that the Aglaia coins are the currency for the latest RAID, as all older RAIDs have spent similar currencies.

Every week you can get an Aglaia coin if you finish the Alliance RAID. Now, since you know where to get you, what should you spend? The only use for these coins is at the moment, greater ILVL equipment. You can exchange the Aglaia coins against Radiant Twine and Radiant Coating by talking to Nesvaaz in Radz-At-Han. These can again be exchanged against Tomestones of Astronomy-bought equipment to get even better equipment.

Of course, it will take a while until you get a complete set of this higher-level equipment as you can get only one Aglaia coin a week. However, you can also get decent equipment from the alliance overflow while preserving the coins. You can claim a device per week from the Alliance Raid, then you can buy improved equipment around the parts that you get from the RAID. You can also get some of the new different items added to the RAID when you have the entire equipment. Like the new Azeyma servant. If you need more help with Final Fantasy XIV, you should definitely read our other guides.

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Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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