“FF14” A solar system asteroid who bears the name of Mr. Naoki Yoshida is born. Skueni Director and Executive Officer and Third Development Division Division Business Headquarters and “FF14” Producer and Director and Solar S

Final Fantasy XIV” (hereinafter referred to as “FF14”) producer and director, Yoshida, who is a “FF14” “FF14” “FF14” player is widely loved by players. In the past, wearing costumes in live broadcasting is identified and the order is rushed on the mail order site (related articles), and the character with the character creature contest is the character creature contest Selected to the frame (related articles), loved episodes are not at the beginning. It seems that a person who named the asteroid of Mr. Yoshida, who is such a loved producer. RUKONGAI of REDDIT users posted that “YoshidanaOKI” is named “YoshidanaOKI”. Called topics in Japan and overseas focusing on SNS, and Naoki Yoshida is sharp in space.

Rukongai named “YoshidanaOKI” on asteroids and revealed with reddit is April 12th. The nomenclature itself was held in January 2022, but from April 12, the name of the International Astronomical Union announcement “IAU WGSBN Bulletin Volume 2 # 5” (Link PDF) has been released It seems to have decided to post to Reddit. Patch 6.1 It seems that the name was released on the release date of “New Adventure”. The reason for the naming reason is that I thought it would be suitable for the theme of the latest expansion disc “Matsuki’s Finale” of “FF14”. The player’s journey spread to space, and there is a planet whose producer and director has been named by the contents of “Naruki’s Finale” that has been scattered for many SF elements.

【UPDATE 202/04/13 1:00】
Rukongai corrects based on pointed out about triggering that Mr. Rukongai posted asteroid name to Reddit

According to the data of the asteroid center, the asteroid YoshidanaOKI was the first observed September 25, 2006. Mr. Naoki Yoshida is a time when I joined Square Enix and had more than a year and a half, and I was producing the Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road series. Longing “FF14”, it is still about the old version of the old version.

The asteroid found as a new sky is conducted by identification work with known astronomical objects, and verification of whether it is a really new object. Observations for verification have spent a long year, and the objects discovered in September 2006 were recognized as a new sky? It was January 21, 2022. And that astronomy was given the name “Yoshidana Oki” that Rukongai, with “FF14” producer and director.

The asteroid Yoshidana Oki is observed at Lemon Mountain and Steward Astronomy in the United States Arizona. It seems that there are many times a few times a month when there are many times. It is unknown whether you can observe from Japan, but at least if you go to Arizona, there is no possibility of observation. In addition, Mr. Naoki Yoshida can be observed by producer letter LIVE (PLL).

In the thread of Reddit, a person who spells a fictitious story’s scenarian that “asteroid Yoshidana Oki collides with the earth” is also present. In addition, although the authors are observed, there are many voices that “falling down” in SNS. In “FF14”, the object is strong in the image of “falling”. The old “FF14” is drawn when the service ends when the service ends and the black magic “Meteo”, there are not many players that associate “power of powerful destruction”. In addition, Kuro Magician, who is the main job of Mr. Yoshida, is a job that is exactly “Meteo”. The player recognition “falling down” of the asteroid Yoshidana Oki may have been derived from such background.

Mr. Naoki Yoshida, who was loved by the “FF14” player and attached to the asteroid. It can be said that he has been loved here as the chief of “FF14”, and it can be said that it has taken the player and fascinating. “FF14” patch 6.1 “new adventure” is released on April 12, 201.

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