Early 2 works of the “The Elder Scrolls” series will be released by Steam. With the end of your launcher, is it free delivery?

Bethesda SoftWorks announced on April 13, to release two initials of the “ The Elder Scrolls ” series for STEAM. This release is a movement with the end of the service of Bethesda.Net Launcher, and “CREATION KIT” for “Fallout 4” and “Skyrim Special Editon” will also be available to STeam.

Bethesda.net Launcher is a launcher used for a specific PC title of Bethesda SoftWorks. Target titles such as “Fallout 76” and “Rage 2”. In recent years, “Fallout 76”, which was also a synonym of the same launcher, is released for STEAM, and the monopoly route by its own launcher has changed. In February this year, the end of the service of the launcher within 2022 was announced (related articles). At the end of the service, it has also been guided that the game library, such as a wallet including a paid currency, including a wallet including a pay-up currency, is also guided to migrate to STeam almost all.

And this time, along with the transition from Bethesda.Net Launcher, it was announced that several types of titles that could not be used in Steam will be released. Specifically, the Elder Scrolls: Arena and “The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall” which is an early two works in the Popular RPG “The Elder Scrolls” series. And “Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory” which is a multiplayer title. All these are delivered free of charge at Bethesda.net Launcher, so it seems to be the same for STeam version. People who are worried will be good to play this opportunity.

In addition, MOD developer tool “CREATION KIT” for “Fallout 4” and “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” will also be available to STeam. In addition, “Fallout 76 Public Test Server (PTS)” is already available in STeam.

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After May next month, you can not play the game in Bethesda.net Launcher, but it is likely to be able to access libraries at Bethesda.net. The transition procedure to STeam with the end of service is to be guided in April. The service is continued for the Bethesda.net account. Bethesda.net’s service continues to be available, including game MODs, the game MOD, and skin items such as skins, special news and updates. The title in the expansion, such as “Fallout 76”, requires login to the Bethesda.net account as before. Again, but Bethesda.Net Launcher only ends service, so it would be nice to start migrating to STeam as soon as migration is possible.

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