Cosplay by Yuna from Final Fantasy 10 would even bring Tidus to life

Especially role-playing games are still very popular as a template for Cosplays within the community. The fact that it does not always have to be a gloomy atmosphere, shows the recent plant of the trim artist “Poweredupsunflower”, which we want to turn into detail at this point.

Final Fantasy X Cosplay [Yuna & Tidus Showcase]

Cosplay as Yuna from Final Fantasy 10

The cosplayer wanted to disguise as Yuna from the RPG Final Fantasy 10. Previously, the artist was not very often in appearance with cladding of this kind. Instead, in their reddit profile, main pictures of individual accessories such as masks can be seen. Now she asked himself at a complete costume .

The result is definitely worth seeing and sees the template from Final Fantasy 10 in fact very similar. This has several reasons: So she has given himself a lot of effort in the drafting of the actual costume and also small details ** are not left outside. It starts with the pattern on the dress and does not listen to the sash for a long time. Also on the striking rod and the right hairstyle of Yuna has thought.

Cosplays from the gaming world

Final Fantasy 10 is a rare template for cladding of this kind. Normally, Final Fantasy 7 is highly in the course, as the Cosplays of TIFA and Aerith prove impressively. But other mobile stamps also serve as inspiration for pretty costumes. In this regard, we can recommend a closer look at Ranni from Elden Ring, Tiny Tina from the Borderlands series and Ciri from The Witcher 3.

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