6 biggest PV bags from the video game!

In your long and beautiful player life, you are necessarily fallen on bosses at particularly numerous points of life, making – at first glance in any case – the fight quite unbalanced. In this article, we go around the worst creatures of the genre. Babies with far too many PV.



And we start immediately with Final Fantasy XII, the twelfth episode of the famous License of Square Enix, originally released in 2007 on PlayStation 2. Of course, as usual, the series reserves struggles sometimes very complex – And epic -, proportional to the great adventure experienced by heroes and players. So keep well, here Yiazmat, describes as the ultimate boss “of the game. There is also not considered a classic boss, but as a” superboss “(however optional). This kind of big gray dragon with orange and blue rings would have reserve more than 50 million points of life . And as if it all was not enough, the guy can send you a devastating attack that could drop you in a position, as part of a fight that can last several hours. In short, a sacred moment.

Adamantoise (Final Fantasy XV)

Always on the Square Enix license side, chains with Adamantoise, huge Final Fantasy XV creature. Just like Yiazmat, it is an optional Superboss, next to which it is quite possible to pass. And it falls all the more in the sense here, to the extent that the beast can be confused with a mountain. The rock structure actually serves as a carapace with a gigantic turtle that (you can imagine) embarks a sacred dose of health, more than 5 million PV to be accurate. Ten times less than the big boss of Final Fantasy XII so, but the bar of life is here calculated according to the maximum power of the player. In any case, the fight can last a lot of time: online, we can see battles that oscillate between 45min and 1h30. Note that Adamant is a recurring monster of the license.

Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts)

Once again a relationship with the Final Fantasy series but this time in a very different game: Kingdom Hearts first name, arrived at the base in 2002 – not enough to rejuvenate – on PS2. You probably know the series, which mixes the Square Enix and Disney licenses. What to find in the founding opus and the second part of a certain Séphiroth, very famous Final Fantasy VII antagonist. In these two games, it is the “ultimate secret boss” according to the official Fandom of the series, recognized as the hardest enemy of the first episode. Beyond its number of points of life (probably colossal) Sephiroth is marking for a reason: its first bar of life is invisible . At first, you will have the impression of not making it damage, while it must actually strive to succeed. A real little thread this Séphiroth.

UR Dragon / Online Version (Dragon’s Dogma)

After Yiazmat, here comes another dragon who has a lot (too) of points of life: Dragon’s Dogma Dragon, famous Capcom’s famous RPG. But beware, we talk here about the version of the beast that you can find online, much more fierce than the one that appears when the player is not connected to the Internet. According to several estimates, the beast would have 3 billion – yes yes – of points of life . No need to make you a drawing to tell you how huge. Above all, the power of the monster can vary according to many parameters. To succeed, you will need to be patient, power, making sure your team is high level.

trillion (trillion god of destruction)

Have you ever heard of Trillion God of Destruction? It is a Japanese role play developed by the studio compiles Heart and released on PC and PlayStation Vita between 2015 and 2016 depending on the country. And in its kind, it is a title not bad original, which mixes both tactical elements with… of the meeting simulation. The idea is simple: you have to get friendship with six demons lords for them to become able to fight trillion, wholesale naughty adventure and incidentally alone and unique boss. And you see it coming, with such a name, the ultimate enemy of the game has a lot of life: billion pv to be quite accurate (1,000,000,000,000) . Trillion God of destruction will therefore ask the player to refine his strategy more than reason, and to take advantage of the skills of each demon Lord.

Mutant Ivy (Hyper Snape)

So for this time, we start in another dimension: Hyper Snape, a rogue-lite which offers an adventure in a world “nonuclidean”. Basically, a world where two normally parallel straight lines can now join. The game thus takes the form of a big circle, whose ends make it possible to see the places to explore in the distance. A particularly confusing concept, as much as one of his bosses: mutant Ivy. This is a huge plant that is obviously infinite and whose bar of life is just as much. Indeed, his branches unfold exponentially, revealing four new “leaves” after each junction, so on. To beat it, we should destroy these leaves one by one, or find its root. But in view of the complexity of the whole, it will not be cake.


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