Valheim shows more contents of Mistlands

Valheim The Developer Iron Gate Studio has been working on the great update of Mistlands of the game for some time with previews that occasionally offer players to show different parts of the new biome and everything it contains. Another of these previews was shared this week to provide an idea of creating one of the creatures that Mistlands will inhabit. However, an exact launch date for MISTLANDS has not yet been announced, so players must continue to wait for this type of progress until the actual update is published.

MISTLANDS: New Mob | Friend or Foe? (Valheim: News)

This last preview of MISTLANDS appropriately shows a rabbit that will be added each time that update is published. It is called «Mistland Hare», at least for now, and you can see a speed modeling video that shows the rabbit below.

This preview of the bunny is far from some of the other contents of Mistlands that have been titled, including a look at an area that seems much less friendly than a rabbit could be, but that makes sense for valheim. The rabbit does not seem to have any special quality apart from being a rabbit, and as the general description of the video says, de valheim the new area of Mistlands must be filled with a wide range of creatures instead of being populated by threat after threat.

“A Biome of Valheim is home to a variety of different creatures, and Mistlands will not be different!” He said Iron Gate team next to the video. “Here you can take a look at how our artists created one of the… inhabitants less threatened you will find in Mistlands. What do you think?”

Together with the aforementioned advancement that insinuated some apparently arachnid caves, we also saw one of the weapons that will arrive in the MISTLANDS update. He also received a successful name, currently known as “Mistlands Bow”, but it is not clear if all these names are position markers or if they will have more unique titles to differentiate themselves from other equipment and creatures every time the Mistlands update falls.

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