So you get the retractable Ragnarok Minion in Final Fantasy XIV

The Newfound Adventure patch of Final Fantasy XIV has just arrived and brings the players a number of new main quests, side quests, items and new ribs and more. Apart from that, the new update under the new additions also contained the addition of a new group of servants who will make their journey even more exciting through the game. But how do you get the catch-up ragnarok minion in Final Fantasy XIV? To answer that and more, we will now tell you how to receive the miniature version of the Ragnarok ship in the criticism-celebrated Final Fantasy XIV.

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How to get the retractable Ragnarok Minion in Final Fantasy XIV

Currently, you can get the debris-ragnarok minion in Final Fantasy XIV by buying the upcoming ArtBook The Art of Resurrection -Among The Stars of the game to be released on September 13, 2022 as the ArtBook contains an exclusive code will. which can be exchanged against the new raising ragnarok minion as soon as you start the game. It is not yet known if the catch-up Ragnarok servant will later be available as a reward in the game.

You can currently create your copy of the Final Fantasy XIV: EndWalker – The Art of Resurrection -Among The Stars ArtBook by pre-ordering the article The Official Store of Square Enix for $ 39.99. The book can also be pre-ordered with official retailers, for Amazonas.

Now, since you know how to get the catch-up ragnarok servant in Final Fantasy XIV, do not forget to look at how to get the Dog Azeyma servant, the Chewy The Pomeranian Dog servant and the Teacup Kapikulu servant in the Get game, as well as all job changes that are part of the latest patch of the game.

You can play Final Fantasy XIV now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Mac and PCs via Steam.

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