How to quickly get the Mount Bluefeather Lynx in Final Fantasy XIV

In Patch 6.1 Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, many new vehicles were added to the game. One of them was the popular Bluefeather Lynx. But what is the fastest way to get this recently added Mount and add it to your collection?

Sinpera Lynx falls out of MESTELL BALAD: Aria Enzinger . As in all extreme trials, Endzinger Aria has a knitted vehicle, which sometimes falls out in the final chest along with a weapon, a trunk with a weapon, a craft material and a chance to get an ultimatum tokens and a metele card.

But how faster it all get this Mount? Well, the easiest way to form search parties party with friends. To do this, go to the PARTY tab in the Red Menu and select Party Finder. Then select Diffuse members . You can specify whether you have a battle earlier what you are trying to get and publish it. People can join, and most of them will remain as long as at least a few people do the Mount.

With a good group you can easily Farm Bluefeather Lynx per day or less. And the more friends you have, who will help you, the better.

FFXIV 6.1 New Mounts: Megashiba, Bluefeather Lynx, Vinegaroon, Troll, Pod 602, Alkonost Mount
Alternatively, accession to another Party Finder group should help you to farm the Mount, although usually adherence to any restrictions of the group is a good t1. Good luck in agriculture!

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