How to get minion of the planting azeym in Final Fantasy XIV

The goddess azeima almost a decade was the secondary part of the Laura Final Fantasy XIV. But now, with the release of Patch 6.1 for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, Azeym took over an antagonistic role in history. But, fortunately, you can also grab the steep minion of the goddess in addition. That’s how to get Wind-Up Azeyma:

The planting azema drops out of the new Aglaya Raid The first of the series of MYTHS OF THE REALM raids per 24 person . Mignon appears in last chest and is shared prey with the rest of the raid , and not just your alliance of 8 people. As a result, your chances of getting it from the first attempt is quite low.

The raid for 24 people can also be launched without synchronization, so the best remedy for this is to just cultivate the raid. Fortunately, the raid also has a lot of really good equipment, so it is worth running it a few dozen times to get everything you can. And since the next raid for 24 people, most likely, will be released not before Patch 6.2, you will have enough time to enjoy them!

Wrinking Azeima – Mignon Type Pupa in Mignon Video Game Lord Fo Verminion, with a special attack of Firey Fan and good and low cost 15. Otherwise, it’s just a very cute and interesting minion, which is worth trying to get into your collection!


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