Omega Rugal has arrived with KOF XV update 1.20

No delay in ignition SNK side: As agreed, Rugal Bernstein joined the already plethoric cast of King of Fighters XV, whether as an additional fighter or as the ultimate mission mode. The update 1.20 deployed today also brings a lot of changes that you refer to you below.

Among the other fixes made by this update, it is essentially the stopping of the stopwatch during climax furious sequences; A detail that looks nothing, but should avoid scratching precious seconds to pocket the victory in a shameless way. Note also that the Fair Play score has been reset for all online mode players. Finally, on the side of the characters, SNK also took the time to correct some unwanted abuses by the developers, such as the Infinite Athena, which could occur according to certain circumstances. All changes are available in English at this address.

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Video Rugal Bernstein

Omega Rugal makes a shocking return! And he is FREE DLC!!! - The King of Fighters XV

The King Of Fighters XV – Trailer of Omega Rugal (Madey Free)

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