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Which Final Fantasy Game Should You Play First? | Final Fantasy Starter Guide
For players who are new in the Final Fantasy series, you are lucky. Not only do you have a wide range of great options to choose from Nintendo Switch , but you can take these games on the way and enjoy their rich actions, wherever you are. And if these games can take over 50 or more hours, they should sink so much time as possible.

But which are the best final fantasy games you can get on the Nintendo Switch? Follow us if we tell you which you should buy and which is our personal choice for the indispensable final fantasy game for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch – Best Final Fantasy Games

Since the publication of the Final Fantasy series in 1987 , there were countless mainline entries, spin-offs and more that bring their favorite characters to life. You will find a new story in each of the games, but there are some that stand out from the others. These are our tips for the best final fantasy games for Nintendo Switch!

5. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

For those who are longtime final fantasy fans, Final Fantasy Xii was slightly controversial when publishing. In his combat system, it is more like an MMORPG, but blooms over the length of the game and you will look forward to a pleasure as long as you are ready to invest the time required to get the turn out new combat system. In terms of history, they will look at one of the more competent entries in the series and one that contains much more policy than their normal final fantasy title. A raw diamond, certainly! The Zodiac Age improves everything that made the PS2 classic great, and brings an amazing title to the handheld.

4. World of Final Fantasy: Maxima

If you are not a fan of Chibi designs, this may not be the final fantasy game for you. However, if you are interested in the hypersticed Japanese art style, this game may be just right for you. With Chibi-Find versions of your favorite characters from the entire series, you are looking for an epic search where you need to catch monsters like Pokémon and use your forces in combat. You can also bring favorite characters of fans from the entire series to help them, and it will never be boring to see a Chibi version of Cloud Strife running Omnislash. Although the story is a little less epic than that of her big brothers and sisters, they will still find a lot of love World of Final Fantasy: Maxima.

3. Final Fantasy X-X2

This classic title can now be taken everywhere, and there is a reason why both old and new players still love this title. If you bring a great occupation of characters, you will enter the footsteps of Tidus as he has to be sweared into a new country and destroy without , the ultimate life form. In its direct sequel Final Fantasy X-2 you will follow along with Yuna, a fanfavorite from the previous game. If you take everything that has been done before, and polishing it to perfection, you will find two stories that are absolute classics in your own rites. With this double pack on games, you can not go wrong because you receive a game value over 100 hours.

2. Final Fantasy VIII

The Remaster, with whom the fans had never expected, finally did it and with great results. Final Fantasy VIII was considered over time as the source code of the game was Mia many years before. Square, however, was able to revive this title and to deliver the best possible version of it, which has been brought to life for Squall and his friends in alive HD. While you follow Squalls’s search for a membership seeds you will encounter emotional story beats and maybe on the coolest weapon of the series, the Gunblade . This is a story that you should not miss!

1. Final Fantasy IX

The best final fantasy game you can get into your fingers Nintendo Switch is Final Fantasy IX . With a creative, funny and cute art style, mixed with one of the most exciting stories of the final fantasy series, you will find the final version of this title on the hybrid console. You can not just take this game on the journey to experience the epic history of Zydaine and your friends, but you also have to do your best to crying while you are in public if you are part of the story See punches. A game that leaves you and you feel emotions that you have not experienced since then in the series, along with the best occupation of characters in the series. You will miss a true jewel if you do not get this title.

And this is our ranking of the best final fantasy title you can get on the Nintendo Switch! You will find a wealth of newer title, which come out, how z chocobo gp but with these well-tried classics your money is best created.

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