Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Nintendo indicates which direction the series could go

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one of the absolute continuous burners on Nintendos Switch and was expanded in March with additional DLC routes. By the end of 2023, thanks to the Booster route pass there will be other additions, which is why a new Mario Kart part is not really thinking.

Mario kart for all

In an interview with Japanese Nikkei, Producer Kosuke Yabuki has nevertheless asked which plans there for the development of the Mario Kart series in the future.

And even if Yabuki did not concretely referred to a possible new series part, he at least indicated in which direction it could go:

“Former Nintendo President Satoru Iwata often mentioned the sentence ‘from 5 to 95’. The ultimate goal is something that everyone can enjoy. The smart control and other systems make it easier to address new players and closer to this goal bring.”

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While Mario Kart has a very good accessibility and low entry-level hurdle today, it could be that Nintendo may make further efforts in this regard in order to make the title even more attractive for the mentioned huge target group of 5- to 95-year-olds. For example, this also succeeded in the conception of Wii, whose motion control worked so intuitively that all ages were addressed.

The smart control was specifically mentioned by Yabuki and I am a big fan of this feature because it allows me to play with my little daughter:

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Competitive communication tool

Internally, Nintendo apparently has a different definition for the Mario Kart series, which was apparently supported from the series of serial to the current time. To do so, Kosuke Yabuki said:

“Former developers have often said that ‘Mario Kart is a competitive communication tool’ – we always appreciated the importance behind it.”

The multiplayer is therefore a little surprisingly one of the most significant elements of Mario Kart and the online component should probably play a much more important role in the future, even if Yabuki did not mention that.

Are there already concrete clues to Mario Kart 9?

That Nintendo is already thinking about the Mario Kart future, probably not surprise, thoughts, but away from rumors, there is still no concrete reference to the next part of the Mario Kart series. In February, for example, a leader had reaffirmed the work on a new part ** – despite the DLC routes currently announced at that time. Either way: Until at least 2024, we will have to probably at least have to be patient.

What do you want for a new Mario Kart part?

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