Smhaggle: With this app you can still save despite price increase

Who wants to save money on the discounters like Aldi or Lidl after the price explosions, should pay attention to offers. These often flutter into the house by promotional prospectus. But who has no desire for a full mailbox or the tedious advertising check, can also simply install the new “SMHAGGLE” app. This makes it automatically for you.

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What does Smhaggle mean?

smhaggle - Sparen im Supermarkt

The strange name is composed of the English terms “Smart” and “Haggle”, so stands for cleveres haggling. The makers of the app promise up to 30 percent savings in food purchases, which should be 1,200 euros per household in the year average 1,200 euros, first sounds top.

Start the app and create a shopping list. He is in good hands on the smartphone anyway. Through a circle search you always see exactly where your favorite products are the cheapest. There is also a favorite feature that allows you to keep an eye on the price development of important products on a separate list.

The app always shows exactly the price of the shopping basket. When the purchase is completed, users should photograph the receipt and share the info. Because only by this feedback of the users the currently valid prices are brought into the app. Cashback actions should motivate it, for example, there are currently 5 cents credit for any uploaded supermarket bon, 10 cents for cash registers from drugstores and 30 cents for bons from the hardware store.

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