Remake Remake Fantasy 9 Removes After Confirmation of Kingdom Hearts 4

Well, you have to talk about Final Fantasy IX Remake, because rumors are well returning. This supposed remake appeared for the first time in Nvidia’s sadly famous flight, which revealed many potential video game projects. Just after the leak in September of last year, Nvidia came out and confirmed that the information was legitimate – but warned that the lists were used only for “internal tracking and testing”. Basically, the company was trying to throw water on the fire.

The fact is that many of these projects have since been officially announced. Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers edition has arrived. Street Fighter 6 has arrived. Crysis 4 Arrived. Sniper Elite 5 has arrived. Grand Theft Auto: The trilogy has arrived. A lot of others have arrived.

NEW Kingdom Hearts 4 LEAKS TRUE! Final Fantasy 9 Remake & Tactics Soon Come!

But perhaps more importantly, one of the most wrestling lists of the flight has proven to be real very, very recently. We are of course reference to Kingdom Hearts 4, which has been officially unveiled this weekend. With the aforementioned Chrono Cross Remaster, the Final Fantasy Tactics remake, which is the subject of many rumors, and the suspicious brand OGRE tactical: Reborn It seems that the leak of Nvidia could be striking, especially in What concerns Square Enix.

Which brings us back to Final Fantasy IX Remake. With each disclosed project that becomes a reality, the return of this well-liked PlayStation RPG seems more and more possible. Now, the Final Fantasy IX Remake list may be part of a kind of test, and it’s not something on which Square Enix actually works – but that will not prevent the internet from chewing this rumor during some time ago.

What do you think? Could the final Fantasy IX remake be real? Do you want Square Enix to revisit Zidane’s big adventure? Perhaps you have your say in our remakes survey, then kidnap a princess in the comments section below.

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