More details announced on PlayStation 5, including launch window

The release date of the PlayStation 5 is well set for the fourth quarter of 2020, while Sony aims to launch Holiday and unveils more details on the material itself. As most of us suppose, it is the Christmas period of 2020 that they evoke with the publication of the fourth quarter. The official blog has now confirmed the name and new innovative features, which include Hapic Feedback and adaptive triggers. In addition, features such as USB C loading and a high capacity battery are integrated because the new generation controller will be a bit heavier than its predecessor.

FINALLY! PS5 Release Window Officially Announced - PlayStation 5 Update!

The haptic feedback comes instead of traditional roar, and the details arrived from the system architect itself, Mr. Mark Cerny. An extract from The PlayStation Blog article cites M. Cerny with “highly programmable voice reel actuators located in the left and right handles of the controller.” This will offer more tactile responses compared to DualShock 4. The console will also have a considerably improved speaker who, according to online sources and comments, adds to realistic experience by improving details such as Surface on which the player / character runs in a specific game, for example.

This means that surfaces such as sough mud, grass, rocks or wooden bridges will be communicated to the player via the controller with a more immersive and more authentic feeling. Online sources that were able to test the new generation console also tried GT Sport, which used the haptic return, and they reported a major and obvious change in the experience, compared to the game version of the game. PS4. PS5 has completely removed the rumbling and the developer can program adaptive triggers in different ways to offer different levels of strength and higher or lower voltage levels, in order to make the difference between pull a rope and pull with a machine gun.

There are also rumors and speculations that some PS5 games are already under development, along with the development of the PlayStation Console 5. It is expected that the console uses traditional physical games. The specifications revealed for the new generation console indicate that it will have a solid state reader and that SSD will be a standard inclusion. It will also be compatible with the PLAYSTATION VR and will even have upward compatibility with the PlayStation 4! The tests also revealed shorter loading times, the Spider-Man of Marvel having been used to confirm this feature and the console that supports 3D audio and 8K television.

Other features like Revolutionary Ray Tracing Visual Technology will be integrated with graphical processor hardware , Cerny promised instead of being done only at the software level. PS5 will have the optical drive capable of reading 4K Blurays and will use 100 GB optical disks. The installation of a game from a disc will be mandatory, only because of the speed difference between the disk drive and the disk drive. Console reader. However, the installation process itself will be customizable, for example, the players can only install the multiplayer mode if they wish, which releases space on the hard disk.

The PS5 also returns to the old school loaded with old cartridge games, confirmed twice by Marco Thrush from Bluepoint Games, who also stated that he was working on something “big” to follow up on the remake of Shadow of The Colossus. The information on the PlayStation 5 will continue to circulate, and all the rumors and speculations are gradually dissipated by the imminent output of the game announced in a little over a year.

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