Is it worth playing FFXIV 2022 solo?

Final Fantasy XIV has lately experienced a tremendous increase in player numbers. The publication of the new enlargement and the decline of other popular MMOS has led to a huge increase in the player base of Final Fantasy XIV. While you might want to join in all the fun, feel free if you have to play the game al1. If you have no dedicated group to clear a dungeon that stands in the way, or have a full group to clear Raids, you can feel that you will not have fun playing. Let’s talk about whether you really need a full party to play Final Fantasy XIV.

Can you play Final Fantasy XIV Solo?

When it comes to playing an MMO, it is not the first thing that comes to mind. You will constantly need other players to guide dungeons and raids with them, and have friends on call for all their needs, the way everyone likes to play MMOS. However, you may be shocked if you find out that Final Fantasy XIV is fully solo playable. The main campaign and all extensions are actually designed for the solo game.

Even if you have a group of friends, you can not take them into the missions of the main scenario. The only thing you can help you are dungeons and open-world missions during campaigns. Of course, you can still play with your friends for additional content such as mount farms and battles. But even such things can be solved with the party finder or the integrated compulsory finder, which relays you with a full party for each content you selected.

Suppose you really want to play the game with anyone without friends and without random people. You can almost do that. With Shadowbringers, Final Fantasy XIV introduced the trust system. With this system, you can complete each dungeon with NPCs that fill all the roles in a group. The only downside is that they work with NPCs, so they do not teach them the mechanics of boss fight. You can easily follow you to avoid attacks, but other mechanics allow you alone.

The only problem you will come across when you play in this way are full-party trials. For most of them, the trust system does not work. These are the only points throughout the campaign you need to play with other players. So if you want to play Final Fantasy XIV completely solo, you can do that. But if you feel that you can not find friends in the game, you should not worry.

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Even if not every person you encounter, your best buddy will help you like most people in the game if you ask them, and if you come around and meet you with others, you can probably find some new friends. If you need more help with Final Fantasy XIV, you should definitely read our other guides.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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