Message feed and automatic dismantling add to high difficulty “FF” ACT-“Stranger of Paradise FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN” New Apde delivery

Square Enix has delivered Update 1.03 to “ Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin ” and published a message from development.

This work is the action RPG launched on March 18, and features a story based on the world-based style of the “Final Fantasy” series and a fierce action realized by Joint Development with Team Ninja.

In this update 1.03, adding functions such as message feed and automatic dismantling, add item acquisition setting items, item list search filtering item addition, adding condition search conditions, adding dark visibility Adjustment is d1. Besides, corrections for given / breakage in specific situations / recovery from break are also adjusted, and more detailed updates can be checked on this page.

In the message published along with the update information, not only the writing in the dungeon adjusted this time, but also the problem with the stability of the frame rate and the resolution is also supported. In addition to these, it has been revealed that the following three points are in progress.

  • Relaxation of jaggies by anti-alias correction

  • Relaxation of the number of reserved materials and expansion of the use of materials

  • Features that can list and enter the room of the set conditions when multi-play

“Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin” is on sale for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Windows (EPIC Games Store).

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