Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker: Preliminary Patch Notes of Newfound Adventures

The MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 continues to enjoy great popularity. The last extension endwalker was a great success for the title. After only recently we have clarified the important question on how to eat an egg in Final Fantasy 14, we clarify the much more important question what the latest patch is ready. A first trailer to Update 6.1 Newfound Adventure , we have already seen. The patch will appear on the 12th of April, we have summarized the most important innovations.

That’s in patch 6.1, newfound adventure

The patch represents the first major update since the appearance of the EndWalker extension and has a lot of innovations in the luggage. The new game plus mode has been significantly expanded, then endwalker now has this function. In addition, “Tatarus Greater Contractor” is started a secondary order series on Tataru, which should be continued until patch 6.5 .

Also noteworthy are the PVP updates , the new team mode “Crystalline Conflict” is introduced, and a new reward system for player counter-player battles was introduced. The exact changes can be found on the official website of the developers.

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Final Fantasy 14: Appointment for Patch “Newfound Adventure” is clear!

The next update for the MMO Final Fantasy 14 has received a release date: Patch 6.1 brings a new adventure in April.

Patch 6.1 at a glance

  • New orders of the main scenario \ – Patch 6.1 opens a new chapter for warriors of light.
  • “Tatarus Great Company” \ – The spotlight falls in this new side order series on Tataru. This story begins with patch 6.1 and will be continued to patch 6.5.
  • New role jobs \ – Another story will be playable after completing all role jobs from endwalkers.
  • PVP updates \ – a new PVP content called “Crystalline Conflict”, adjustment of the PVP commands and a new reward system are implemented.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 6.1 - Newfound Adventure
* New residential area \ – properties in the Empyreum, the new Ishgarder residential area, are offered for sale.
* Travel Code \ – A new glossary of characters and terms can be activated in the course of the main scenario of 6.1. The entries will not be immediately available, but will be unlocked in the course of history.
* New Dungeon \ – Further information will be announced at a later date.
* New exam \ – ESCHATOS – end singer
* New Dream Testing \ – Heroes’ Song of Ultima
* New Alliance RAID Series \ – “Myths Eorzeas” Part 1
* Other updates \ – Additional content will be added, including job adjustments, new game + for endwalkers and part of 6.1, new hairstyles for Hrothgar, additional projection plates, the ability to try objects from the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store and more

Source: Square Enix

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