Warning to all AMD users: Error in driver

PC players whose calculator set to a combination of AMD graphics card and processor should be up-to-date. According to some reports, a faulty video driver has developed our own life and takes changes to settings that are not intended – and that can cause problems.

AMD’s graphics driver suddenly overclocks the processor

Actually, the AMD Adrenaline users of AMD graphics cards should offer the opportunity to keep the performance data of your graphic accelerator in mind and adapt. But the current version of the driver software (adrenaline 22.3.1) apparently involuntarily proceeds a step further and Overclocked in your own just your processor , if it also comes from AMD.

This can make sure that you make a little more power from your computer – but that this feature runs in the background without giving you is a handproof problem . Due to the automatic overclocking potentially can easily increase the power consumption of your PCs . In addition, some users who have previously reduced the clock rate and tension of their processor that the program makes changes in the BIOS, which ensure that is suddenly unstable (Source: Igor’s Lab).

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AMD white about the problem

Compared to the online magazine Tom’s hardware, AMD has already evicted and mentioned that it is examined:

“We are aware of a problem in the AMD software suite, adapted to certain AMD processor settings for some users. We examine the problem and will tell more information as soon as we are able to do so. “

(Source: Tom’s hardware)


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