Stranger of Paradise: an update and some revelations of Nomura

Stranger of Paradise Might Be A Game of This Year: Final Fantasy
Three weeks after its release, Square Enix returns to Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin in the columns of Famitsu and also comes to deploy an update 1.03 with some welcome adjustments.

It is by taking the time to chat with Famitsu on different topics, now that a lot of people were able to finish the game, that the creative director Tetsuya nomura slipped a few words on the three additional missions of Stranger of Paradise: final Fantasy Origin . So far, only the titles of these missions had been revealed: “The test of Bahamut, the king of the dragons”, “Gilgamesh, the vagabond of dimensions” and “different future”. Today, nomura reveals that one of these DLC will involve the warriors of light that can be seen in the end scene and that new weapons will be available. He added that the title of the Mission “Different Future” includes the DFF and NT letters as an allusion to the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT game but also that the players will never guess who will be the final boss of this DLC.

The creative director also returned to the choice to include the song my way from Frank Sinatra in the game, a confusing choice even if it’s not the first time that Square Enix borrows an artist song in a Final Fantasy. For Nomura, the song of 1969 (English adaptation of as usual_ sung two years earlier by Claude François) perfectly illustrates the story of Jack Garland while ideally sticking to the conclusion of the game. “_It is not exaggerated. To say that Stranger of Paradise was created specifically for this scene “, even believes the creative director, who had to fight for a long time to get the right to use the song. Always the anecdotes ray, nomura adds that the starting idea was to name the game simply Stranger of Paradise and that Final Fantasy Origin has been added later to establish more clearly the connection.

At the same time, the action-RPG developed by Team Ninja has just received an update 1.03. This offers some new comfort options, including the rapid advance of the dialogs and the ability to automatically disassemble equipment at the end of a mission. Naughty, the tutorial of the sword has also been adjusted since a number players were unable to validate it. On the technical side, Square Enix says he has adjusted the lighting of some dungeons to improve visibility but also a number of mechanics. The technical level of the game will remain no less a mystery to the end, as evidenced by this admission of failure that also concerns the new consoles: “_Limitation of the image frequency at 30 during the dialogs with your companions or The inhabitants of Cornelia to prevent the resolution from decreasing.

Update 1.03

▼ common to all platforms

[New features]


Adjustment according to the level of mission
Adjustment according to the strength of the enemy
Adjustment in difficulty fury or higher

Thus, the cost of rupture of normal custody will be lower than that of spiritual aegis. It will be easier for you to use the guard to turn the situation to your advantage when you are surrounded by enemies or undergo a succession of attacks.


Launching the spell when you try to do an attack after the spell incantation.
Launch of the spell during a normal attack during the incantation.
Launch of the spell after the cancellation of the incantation.


[BUG Fix]


[new feature]

This function adjusts the resolution when playing in image frequency mode to increase it when the processing load is less important.

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