Final Fantasy 14: On April 13, 2022 the wound search with a new emote starts!

Easter is upon us and is celebrated in Eorzea. With the Wondereucheruche you can rejoice again about a new seasonal event, at the end of which some great rewards wait for you. As lived by the events in Final Fantasy 14, it is not just repeated only the quest series from last year, but offered a completely new history.

If you want to participate in it, you can speak from April 13 2022 with jihli aliaph (Alt-Gridania X10.2 Y9.4) and accept the task of “lucky hunt with obstacles” . If you exclude the event, you will also be realized. In addition to the wunderhäschen as a new companion, you also earn the emote _ “eat egg”. It is also possible to decorate your house with the wundereucheruche-Korb and the wundereucheruche-Mobile. The event should last until 27 April 2022. Final Fantasy 14: On April 13, the wound search in Eorzea starts! (2) Source: Square Enix

FFXIV: Myths of The Realm, PvP & More - 6.1 Special Site Update

One day after FF14 patch 6.1

The spool search will start exactly one day after the release of Patch 6.1 “Newfound Adventure” for FF14. With the update, a new chapter in the story of Final Fantasy 14 (Buy now € 25.98) should be ushered in. Thus, in the course of the main scenario, a whole new action will start after the history was completed by Zodiark and Hydaelyn with EndWalker. But not enough, because story friends can look forward to a reunion with Hildibrand and on other new quest series. **

Also playful Patch 6.1 will have a lot to offer. In addition to a new dungeon and the new Allianz Raid “The Myths Eorzeas”, you can challenge the examination fight against the end singer now on the extreme level of difficulty. If that is not enough, it is allowed to try on the new ultimate fight “Dragon War (fatal)”. Patch 6.1 should appear on April 12, 2022.

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