How to play Mystery AT Croft Manor in Fortnite: Creative Mode

Mystery in the estate croft creative mode in Fortonight. By registering in it, you will be transferred to the mansion of the famous archaeologist for the expedition to solve the puzzles, where tips lead to puzzles, and puzzle pieces to thematic prizes. However, in contrast to the classical customization of the Royal Battle, you will need Enter the code through the main menu to penetrate into its world.

To get to the house of Lara Croft as a researcher alone or as part of a group of friends, you first need to go to island tab in the main menu. From there you will need to enter the code 0116-9392-3142 . After just click Play And you will fall into Mystery AT CROFT Manor mode.

Of course, you can add the “Mystery of Croft Mystery” to favorites for easier access in the future. To do this, just go to My library and then select My favorites . This can be done for any creative mode if you have code.

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