For the loss, but for the future, Wogiming Russian withdrawal

Warghiming announced that it will withdraw all businesses in the 5th, Russia and Belarus.

Original War Gaming was founded in Belarus Minsk, but the headquarters is transferred to Cyprus a few years ago. Woogiming immediately after Russia’s Ukrainian invasion, we donated $ 1 million to Ukrainian Red Cross.

Since then, Woogiming strategically reviewed the operations of business worldwide in the last few weeks and decided to withdraw Russian and Belarus business. Three parties to March 31, Welding was transferred to the Russian Game Lestheart Studios who did not affiliate Live Services in Russia and Belarus.

The story of an elite Russian unit's war in Ukraine - BBC Newsnight

About this, “In this process, the company will not benefit from this process, and it is expected to be a significant loss, and ‘We will completely comply with all laws and continue to ensure the safety and support of employees. will be. During the conversion period, all live games have been described in Russia and Belarus as ‘new owner operations.’

In addition, studios in Belarus Minsk also closed, and we would provide maximum severance pay and support to local employees affected by this decision.

Russia is a core market that was a core market, and it is expected that the company is also expected to wear a big hit. Nevertheless, Woogiming was confident about the business future and said the player will do its best to provide a good quality game. ‘

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