Final Fantasy 14: Appointment for Patch Newfound Adventure is fixed

Only last month, the Publisher Square Enix announced that the distances between the future updates for Final Fantasy 14 should be longer than before to relieve the developer team. For MMORPG fans, there is now a reason to be enjoyed, because they still do not have to wait a long time until there is new content again: Already in the middle of this month, it’s time. On April 12, 2022, the patch 6.1 should be available with the name newfound adventure and bring some innovations. Thus, the first larger update after the final wobby extension now has one, more or a few festivals, appointment. The date is specified on the website with the addition “scheduled publication”.

That’s in the patch 6.1

If the patch is then available for download, we expect new orders as part of the main scenario . “Newfound Adventure” offers you the opportunity to take the adventure path with the warrior of light. Based on the new trailer you can already get an impression of the update.

The secondary orders to “Tatarus prosperity factory” also provide you more missions , which you can do if you are interested. There are also an examination of the end singer, the heroic song of Ultima, two RAIDs and the new PVP content “Crystalline Conflict”. If you want to get back into the game with the patch, there will be all sorts of you from mid-April.

The whole thing is rounded off by numerous other additions such as new mounts, the beta version of an adventure passport and other chapters for the New Game Plus. Even the former main scenario “A Realm Reborn” was revised in the frame.

Next update in August?

According to the new rhythm of Square Enix, the next update according to “Newfound Adventure” should then appear until August . This should not only be spared the team, but also the quality of the game will be ensured.

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Source: Square Enix

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