Patch 6.1 new information published in “FF14” No. 70 PLL. A new attempt such as a small number of PVP and self-introduction cards

Square Enix has distributed live broadcast “70th Producer Retailer Live” to deliver new information of “Final Fantasy XIV” (hereinafter, “FF14”) on April 1. In the broadcast, items implemented in patch 6.1 as “patch 6.1 implementation content feature Part 2” were introduced. Patch releases are scheduled for April 12th.

New quest

In patch 6.1, a new main quest has been added, and a new chapter following the “Hydering Zodiark” with patch 6.0 completed is started. Subquest “Tatal’s Daiko Shota” series introduced quest, which was scheduled to be implemented in patch 6.1, has been implemented with patch 6.15 with the content that was naturally felt after patch 6.1 main quest play. Also, extra store quests that can be played as complete roll quests are also added.

Besides that, in patch 6.15, new friendship group quest “Alka Sodara” and “Hildi Broads that came back” are implemented, and Amaryon Roveway is added as a newer worth-sorted transaction. Patch 6.1x seems to be able to talk about the Right Quest “Moten’s Liberator” series of “Dimensional Liberator” series as “Dimensional Liberator Omega” series.

In addition, the main quest of the “Shinsei Eorzea” is carried out, and the content supporter system operates in full swing. The content supporter system is a system that can be captured with the NPC and four-person defeats during the main quest, and a complete solo player realized while MMORPG. Patches 6.1, the main scenarios up to patch 2.0 are targeted, and subsequent patches also correspond to the main scenarios thereafter. At the same time, a major rehabilitation is added to the battle content related to the main scenario, and there are many branches and dungeons that the progress of the progress is easy to play.

# New Battle Content

As a new battle content, an instance dungeon, pole, phantom content, and an overdue poem will be implemented during the main quest. In the Permanent Film “Fighting”, a high difficulty battle battle with the last battle “The end of the end of the patch” is expanded. Mr. Yoshida Waku, this battle is “True despair and a true hope”. In actual machine play video, the early battle was a little disclosed. It is possible to get two tokens and two tokens at a difficulty level with a good time.

As a new Alliance Laid, the first “Misologies of Eolsea” series “The Shining Global Aglia” is implemented. Anyone who is Eoruzea 12 God is a story that is a story that is a story that has a native myth that has rooted in the world of “FF14”. In the broadcast, actual machine play is also released, and the state of a beautiful sector floating in the air was introduced. There was almost no introduction for the boss without showing a chira, but I was able to see the battle with the boss seen by the trailer.

Job related adjustment

Patch 6.1 takes adjustments to almost all jobs. The 70th PLL was introduced for some of them. The power of multiple actions, such as “heat blasting”, “wildfire” and “drill”, is raised as a pure thermal power increase. The 侍 is “disturbed / return snow moon flower”, “Dean / Return Snow Moon Flower”, “Mystery / Return Wave” is determined to solve the problem that the firepower comes out due to the creation of critical creation. In addition, “Non-acquired swords and times” are deleted to reduce the amount of operation.

Ninja is changed to “Damashi” and “Bunkus” to unify other jobs and synergy cycles. “Damaged Advanced Effect of Target” was moved to “Bunko”, and “Damashashi” is changed to its only buff. The dragon knight should reduce the stiffness of the jump action. Adjustments such as to alleviate the height of operation difficulty are also considered for parts other than stiffness. For the summoner, “Searing Light” is changed to the skills used by the summoner body instead of carbankle.

Dark knights make it easier to release “living dead” by itself. Currently, if you can not get the same amount of recovery as the maximum HP as it is, it will be a “living dead” walking dead effect, but HP recovers significantly when the attack from itself is hit during the walking dead effect Specifications are added. This makes it possible to avoid death by itself, and it seems that the possibility of surviving even if there is no help of the healer.

White Magician expands the effect range of “Kealga” and “Asairum” to 10 m. In addition, “Retozy of Bell” can be arbitrary, and usability is improved. In addition, the MP consuming aspects that were said to be poor fuel efficiency compared to other healers are also improved. The scholar is the only nau adjustment in the job introduced this time. Although the team of field treatment is expanded to 10m, the moving speed up effect time of the fleilling fury seems to be reduced from 20 seconds to 10 seconds. Moving speed up of the fury of the shudder is the effect that has been attracted attention before the implementation, but it would be too powerful.

In addition, it is possible to adjust properly about jobs other than those introduced in the PLL. It does not mean that adjustment is not performed because it was not touched this time. It does not negative, just because there was no mention of its own main job, I want to wait for the day of the patch.

PVP update

In patch 6.1, new small-sized PVP “crystal conflict” is implemented. It is a PVP that is worked with a simple rule and a concept that can be freely played in a short time in a five-to-five team match. Matching by the roll is abolished and can play with free jobs without departure. Crystal conflicts can play two types of Casual Matches, where the scenes involves rank matches and random fluctuations.

The basic rules of crystal conflicts have the point of attack of each team on both sides of the map, and they compete with only one neutral object in the center of the map. If you secure an object, you will be able to push the object to the enemy team’s goal, and the team who has pushed the object to the end of the enemy team will win. Speaking of rules resembling “Payload” of “Overwatch” and “Spratoon 2”, players that offer PVP games may be easy to understand.

Crystal conflicts introduce a new reward system called “series”. The series switches for each major patch. By playing various PVPs during the series period, the series EXP is pivoted, and when the series level goes up, the “series reward” can be acquired. Since the series EXP can be acquired in both casual matches and rank matches, it seems that series rewards can be collected even if you are playing comfortably with casual match.

In rank matches, depending on the rank, rewards that are involved in the honor of the player, such as the title and the achievement. So far, “FF14” has a “The fevst” as a small number of PVP with a rank system, but a slight change is made to the class system. The steps are set up to 5 falls from Bronze to Diamond, and the fall will increase in the condition of Bronze 3 → Bronze 2 → Bronze 1 → Silver 3. The fall will increase by adding the “winning star” obtained by winning the game. Furthermore, as a new class, “crystal” is mounted on the diamond.

In addition, the collaboration with “Fang GARO” currently ended from patch 3.5 to patch 5.1 release is reproduced. New jobs added in patches 5.0 and 6.0 can also be equipped with collaboration armor. Since it was a collaboration that was especially reprinted from the player after patch 5.1 and later, there were many comments of delighted in delivery. The collaboration resumption is scheduled for patch 6.1. Because the lineup of rewards such as equipment and mount is also luxurious, I hope you enjoy collaboration through a crystal conflict.

Housing Related

In patch 6.1, a new housing area “empyam” is implemented, and the sales format of land is changed. All sections of all housings are set to “lottery sales” and can not be purchased by first-come-first-served as before. The land to be sold is distinguished from personal and free companies. Patch 6.1 is a lot of land for free companies, but it is planning to switch the sales method in detail in the future patch while looking at the sales situation for each region.

In lottery sales, all worldwide cycles will be repeated in common. It is a flow of applying from the land sine board in the application period for 5 days and receives the lottery number, and the winners will be able to process and buy the land during the 4-day results announcement period. After the patch release of April 12, the first time has started the lottery application period, and the results will be announced on April 17th.

With regard to the housing, the topics “About land sales / new system” lottery sales “of” Epilem “on March 28 are released. The details of the specification can be confirmed here, so let’s read the player who is considering land purchase.

Adventure Rate Function

Adventure rates are self-introduction card functions that can customize profile and portrait and plate design. The profile part can set a favorite job, a place tile, a time zone to play well. The portrait part can set the image created by combining various elements such as motion, expression, light and camera.

The design of the entire plate can combine the desired design for each part such as the base and framing. Templates for people with troublesome settings are also available, so you can feel free to touch. “Viewing Adventure Rate” command is also newly added and the plate can be viewed when the other party is targeted. Since the plate disclosure range can be set to friends only or private, it seems that it is a safe specification even if you do not want to be seen.

The created portrait can be used not only for the adventure rate but also for matching images of crystal conflicts. It is likely to be a very interesting feature for players who like to express your character. The adventure rates and port rate creation functions are β versions at patches 6.1, and are the official edition in patch 6.15. As I would like to give feedback more and more that I notice in the beta version, let’s try to touch and try to make an adventure rate of thinking.

Above, we introduced new information published in the 70th Producer Retailer LIVE. Patch 6.1 is not only familiar content, but also a new attempt in “FF14”, such as crystal conflicts and adventure load rates, is likely to be a patch. “FF14” patch 6.1 “new adventure” will be released on April 12th.

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