Final FantEndwalker reviewsy XIV: Endwalker boEndwalker reviewsts new content in a new trailer of patch 6.1

Final FantEndwalker reviewsy XIV: Endwalker reviews the contents that will add with patch 6.1. Newfound Adventure will reach the popular MMO next April 12 for all players with the lEndwalker reviewst expansion. In addition, other improvements are included for the rest of the game. You can see the trailer at the head of this news.

The highlight of Newfound Adventure in Final FantEndwalker reviewsy XIV

„Newfound Adventure

“With the Despair Silenced and Restored Hope, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn back to the shadows, their star hero returns to put on the mantle of a simple adventurer once again,” says Square Enix in the description of his new chain of main missions.

The new tanda of main missions will continue the argued arc initiated in Endwalker. You can also wait for the arrival of a new trial (The MINSTREL’S BALLAD: EndSinger’s Aria), Mazmorra de Raid of the Alliance and two Ultimate incursions, both Dragonsong’s Reprise (Ultimate) and Ultima’s Bane (Unreal).

Realm Reborn will continue to receive improvements . The Duty Support system arrives, which allows you to call NPC that will help you fill in the free hollows of your group. These characters will be controlled by the AI and will play the roles that free themselves. It is centered for those who play alone or with some friends. These are just some of the improved built-in. Check the complete list at the source of this news.

Final FantEndwalker reviewsy XIV: Endwalker achieved in this house a rating of 9 over 10 . During the conclusions of the analysis we said that the expEndwalker reviewsion “is all that the players Endwalker reviewsked for and much more.” “The final brooch to a story that hEndwalker reviews had in Vilo for many years to its users. Leaving Endwalker reviewside the moments that have seemed tedious and that abuses kinematic sequences -uestions that not everyone may seem equally, “Endwalker is an expansion of ten. There are changes in playability, new clEndwalker reviewsses, dungeons or new areEndwalker reviews although there is still a lack of content that will arrive in the coming months, such Endwalker reviews the famous Island Sanctuary. ” You can read the text here.

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