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Rune Factory 5 Review
The game starts rather well – if we do not hate the J-Pop \ – with a generic animated that immediately puts in the atmosphere: we are closer to a game feel good as the workshops as a rescue From the world on introspection background at the Final Fantasy.
Following the choice of protagonist (boy or girl), our character wakes up in a forest and chained on a quick combat tutorial to save a child from a monster.
This progressive learning by example is a constant of the game and it is rather welcome seen the mix of genres.
Warning nevertheless not to try to go faster than music because a lot of items are provided for free in the early hours and it would be a shame to spoil money by buying tools that we get later, Especially since the purchase price is enormous with respect to resale.

The heart of the game is the management of its earth lopins to grow large varieties of vegetables and herbs. No change for the accustomed to the series: you spade to make the earth piece of furniture, one plants the seeds and we wate to make sure an interesting harvest. The game is divided into four seasons and seedling have variable returns according to time. Very early in the game, we have access to a ground on Dragon’s back that can have some of its parameters increased temporarily via crystals, but in the facts I found rather painful to move from one to the other to Cause of the loadings and the trend towards the grounds of too quickly cabinet with stones and pieces of wood to be cleaned.

Once it pushed, we harvest by hand or false if we want to recover seeds. The result can be consumed as is, but takes all its interest and flavor via cooking.
If one can try to execute random recipes, the best is to buy cooking breads that, once consumed, allow you to learn new recipes. Flat realization raises our cooking skills, which gives access to new recipes via the breads.

but is not that the potatoes in life

Our character must occupy the rest of his day and it is through his membership of the organization Seed that he is never unemployed.
A task table to be realized is available and offers the most standard quests in the world: harvest x stuff, kill x stuff or bring trick x character Y. Nothing very hectic, but it participates in the progress of our character, because In Rune Factory, everything is an improvement element.

You walk ? Your walking statistics increases.
Do you use a short sword? Your short sword statistic increases.
Do you tap on it? Your defense increases.
I could continue like that for dozens of skills that we discover as and when practice.

Craft’s skills also increase by creating / improving objects and the model of the kitchen we have the forge or the alchemy that requires findable components in nature or on monsters. Without having a gigantic depth, this progression in the realization of object is one of the motivation for the motivation to move forward.
Exploration can be done by leaving the city, but the game puts crazy guard to avoid breaking the teeth on too strong enemies because it is necessary to progress on the main frame to unlock the areas and dungeons as and when.

It can also be made in accompanied exploration, either by residents of the city with which links have been woven through services and / or gifts (links that can lead to romances) or by monsters that one captures and draws, in the mind Pokémon , which can also serve as a mount.

so much to do and so little time

If we get up at 6am, the bedtime is at our discretion or even optional. Nevertheless, insomnia must not be tempted too long, because our character needs to sleep (sleep being an existing skill) if only to recharge his points of action that are needed to perform any action that is not basic.

Betting, planting a seed, water, break a stone, make a special attack and launch a spell (among others) consume action points. If we are short, it’s the health points that are used, but in such a quantity that we find itself quickly at the doors of a trip to the clinic very expensive in silver. During the first hours of play, these points of action are a resort a little frustrating, because we arrive quickly to eat them, we must have enough to eat to regenerate them, but it happened to me several times to go go to bed at 15h.

The various NPCs of the city also go to their occupations and those who hold shops scrupulously respect their schedule, which can be annoying annoying when it is necessary to wait for the opening even if it adds to the lively side of the little village. I found that we were a little overwhelmed by well drawn, but pretty classic and faded NPCs, which makes it easier for the monsters to be caught at this quite smooth gallery of characters.

Very quickly, the routine of the game settles and we start the day by gardening before chaining other tasks or the advancement of the main scenario for which we understood after 10 minutes of play that we are an elected will save the corner.

but there’s a big dump

When we start the game, we see very quickly that the characters handled manga, with an English or Japanese dubbing of quality (but limited on its quantity), denote a little too much on lots much less worked: there is of the Aliasing, ugly textures when they exist and a slightly dirty tendency to reveal the enemies / objects.
But very honestly if it remained there, Rune Factory 5 would not be the only game SWITCH Not pretty, but very friendly of the console.

The problem is that these graphic defects are in addition to shameful technical performances seen what is shown on the screen. The number of image per second falls regularly and after the slightest load, we leave for a few seconds of playing game while it continues to load elements. The lack of fluidity makes the actions that require a little precision and it is not uncommon that I arrives or spade another square than the one targeted. Even for me who plays mainly on Switch and who is used to bad games, it’s too much here and it ruins the game pleasure.
The animations of the characters may appear “not finished”, as if the game was still in beta. It could pass if the fights were exciting, but since they are, on the contrary, very basic with an AI that seems non-existent to by darken / tapping, it turns out more than anything else to stupidly on the buttons to kill the buttons to kill the enemies. Even the bosses that are vaguely scripted are relatively boring and if they can be pretty with the eye, the lack of animations hurts.

To this, we can add the latency in the actions that causes itself to cut one or twice in the void, the targeting of the elements to the soils which is painful as it happens that we launch what we have in Hand instead of picking up more or the camera that is painful that the game designer has lowly given the option to disable part of its automation when we garden.

It would be necessary for a fix correct these problems and it is most likely feasible because a small independent game like Giraffe and Annika was doing much better with much less means.
I do not doubt that some players still have fun, but it will be indulgent. For my part, while I had dozens of post-final game hours on Rune Factory 4, I quickly did not want to launch this 5th opus. For me, the slightest thing when we base a game on the repetitiveness of the shares is that these actions are pleasant to perform and in the current state of the game this is not the case.

_Testé by armagnis on Switch with a version provided by the distributor.

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