FFXIV apartment lottery explains: How to buys a house in Empyreum

The _ FINAL FANTASY XIV _ A new living system will soon arrive and the players expect the update with great hope as they confront themselves on the different houses they may want to try. Apartment Relax Final Fantasy XIV was a point for great discussions because it can be difficult to actually get a particular house because it’s pretty much a race to get to the poster first to buy the house. However, with the new system, players can now dice in a lottery to get the house of their choice, and this guide explains the FFXIV residential lottery system.

FFXIV Housing Lottery System – The details

The new system applies to all living districts. This applies to both free companies as well as for players themselves. To have a chance to buy a house, you must enter a “lottery entry” for the desired property / house during the time specified for this property, while the lottery is active. When the lottery results are available, the one who won the lottery gains the house through a random selection.

There are 9 days for a lottery and the participation time during this time is 5 days from the first start of the lottery. However, it should be noted that the “days” are all real days. For the remaining 4 days after the 5 days this is the result time and when the lottery is completed, a player will be selected that receives the house or free company.

It should be noted that you have to be at least level 50 as a private buyer for a class. You must also be Second Lieutenant or a higher rank in one of the different Grand Companies.

One of the new rules for free companies that buy houses is that they have been a member of their free society for at least 30 days. Whether you are planning to show your name capabilities in your new house, the new system will certainly keep things fresh for the players.

Buying a FFXIV house in Empyreum

Empyreum Lottery How To Access & What We Know about Ishgard FFXIV Housing

There are 48 districts in the Empyreum district and to travel to Empyreum and get a house there, you must first have completed the side quest “ascent to Empyreum”. Then you can participate in the Lotteriesystem at the beginning of Patch 6.1 with the same method described above in this article.

If you are a new player at FFXIV, you have to lien a while before you can buy houses, but the rewards and benefits of the acquisition of the houses will definitely be worth it. The new system ensures that things like the completion of apartments are significantly reduced, as the poster is no longer the fastest reached and the purchase decides who the house gets. Now there is the same chance for everyone.

Some try to find ways to use the system, but hopefully they will not create that for some time from 6.1.

_ FINAL FANTASY XIV _ is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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