NHN, block chain strategy P & E game Rise of Starz

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NHN has been supporting the efficient P & E game development of the ‘Lite Care’ of the Wimade Max (Joint Representative Jang Hyun Bok, Lee Gil).

NHN (CEO) announced on the 30th that “Rise of Stars” developed by Light Connect and provide a game platform ‘gamebase’ and to provide a successful service and launch and operational environment.

‘Rise of Starz’ is a strategy P & E game based on a wicker P & E game, and it is a great popularity in the global market, including expanding servers due to the emergence of usage surge in use of the user after the global launch in February.

The game base with ‘Rise of Stars’ is introduced is a global game platform that provides all the features necessary for game services, including certification, billing, operations and analysis tools, including game creation for game development companies. The light cone has been reduced by the development of the game content, development, updates, and server extensions, and token economy balancing, and reducing development of air and time and cost by focusing on game development such as token economy.

NHN has been operating a game portal for a long time and has been operating a game-related infrastructure and know-how to accumulate the game-related infrastructure and know-how, and is increasing the number of affiliates. Currently, many of the domestic and international games such as Clover Games, Move Games, Wymade Max, Blue Potion Games, 111% (111 percent) are using NHN Cloud-based services.

With the recent Blocks, a P & E game that utilizes the block chain, NHN supports the game base on the P & E game, while the game bass is given to the game base, and the key to the game of P & E game development is easier to grow and to create a global box He was responsible. When the P & E game introduces the game base, it is possible to invest in more and time to invest in more and time to invest in additional areas such as token Economy Balancing, and it is possible to launch the game quickly and reliably in a fierce release rush for P & E game market preemption.

NHN Game Technology Center Ryu Hee Tae Chang said, “The Global Bass,” Global launches of Rise of Stars’, was a good example of the game that has shown good performance in the game industry, “said the P & E Games Market Many of the games that spur in game development, hope that many games to spur game development will be able to create a significant performance by introducing the game base. “

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