Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions plays extensions with a new maj

We can hardly blame Bandai Namco to have eaten the match sheet, given the number of updates that will have received Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions since it exit. Producer Katsuaki Tsuzuki has been split from a message to the community to unveil the new contents related to Maj 1.40 and 1.41, deployed for the last adaptation as far as Olive and Tom exploits.

In addition to the new improvements to the online part, a long process started for several months, the update will add a new mode that always tends to the arcade with the freestyle mode. In the line of a Mario Strikers, it will be possible to fight in a futuristic arena using special objects to easily combat a path to the opposing cage, with award-winning goals. An “experimental approach” that will add a random factor and location reversals to bridge the gap between two players. If everyone’s own skills and techniques are locked, including online, the rate of appearance of objects will nevertheless distinguish two characters between them.

A new fashion mode also added to the Hirado games and its duo Mitsuru Sano / Hiroshi Jitô with a well-known manga fans. New cut-scenes will accompany this additional chapter, itself completed with a new episode Rising stars dedicated to Tarô Misaki, Hikaru Matsuyama and Karl Heinz Schneider. These three new goals to be carried out in the match will be endowed in points and rewards, and will be accompanied by six other entries in the Mission Pass_ Paying, proposed from tomorrow 31 March. The opportunity to unlock variants of popular players, with a small star to better recognize them when composing his team.

Finally, many adjustments have been made on the whole game, which materialize in particular by the appearance of a shop tab from the main menu, distances magazine and corrected for the activation of some shots, a better MatchMaking or Another circular activation area for defensive movements. What to encourage players to restart a game.

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