Creator of Tetris Send Support Message to Ukraine

The situation between Russia and Ukraine has caused a lot of companies around the world from suspending the sale of their products or services in the country led by Vladimir Putin. Multiple European videogame studies have even had to pause your current projects due to this conflict, and to show your support towards the Ukrainian people, the creator of Tetris pronounced with the following message.

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Alexey Pajitnov, creator of tetris , shared a message with venturebeat where he condemns the actions of putin and hopes that this conflict can come to an end as soon as possible :

“I am directing you, my friends and colleagues. The damn and dirty war that is living Ukraine is currently so terrible that no one can keep crossed. The dictator soulless, which began with this evil, is a war criminal and should be arrested and condemned. It is very sad and embarrassing that much of the Russian people can not understand that. I am sure that Putin and the hate regime of him will fall and the normal and peaceful way of Ukraine will be restored, and hopefully, also in Russia. “

Last week, The Tetris Company also pronounced the invasion of Ukraine, also condemning Putin’s actions before this terrible invasion. Here the official statements of Casey Pelkey ​​, Vice President:

“I had the opportunity to talk with Alexey about what is happening in Ukraine during the recent visit of him to our offices. Needless to say, but he and the rest of our family in Tetris are with a broken heart. We support Ukraine and we are deeply saddened by this continuous crisis that continues to threaten the welfare and health of its citizens. “

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