LOL: What is the champion with the most pentakills in the history of the competitive?

League of Legends has always been one game extremely competitive Even though Riot wanted to put different modes to relieve qualifying modes and there is not so much pique. But it is inevitable to see that the most regular players are those who spend hours and hours trying to raise ELO and their MMR to be able to improve their level compared to that of others. But if there is something that every player of the Moba from the American developer yearns is, of course, the longed to pentakill.

Quintuple murder is moderately unusual in medium qualifying items, but if there is a place where it is quite more unlikely it is in the competitive circuit . We rarely see this type of plays in the big tournaments and when it happens, the stadium falls completely from madness. In some cases it turns out to be history, as it can be caps and their pentakill to SKT T1 during the historic MSI 2019 or that of rekkles against origin in that 2015 ** that was recorded by all Fnatic forophysics.

That is why, as a result of the data we have been able to collect as a result of the League of Legends wiki which has been the champions that have gotten in the competitive circuit . It should be remembered that these data come from the date on which this article is being written (March 2022).

Champions with more pentakills at the League of Competitive Legends

As you can see Kai’sa is, with enough more difference of the second, the champion that has gotten the most Pentakills in the hands of a professional. It is quite curious to see that despite the “ old age ” of it, if we compare them with Jinx or Ezreal, She has achieved an immense amount of murders that almost bends to the second. Also highlight the A apalelia landing on the list, which came out recently more than two years ago and that has fully bought the competitive circuit of League of Legends.

5 Greatest Pentakills in LoL History | LoL eSports

If we see it upside down, there are several those who have achieved a pentakill , but we highlight the appearance of Teemo, Sona, Warwick or Aurelion Sol . As a curious fact, the player who got the murder of a whole team in a short period of time with aurelion sun was nothing more and nothing less than caps. was during the Challenger Series 2016 with Nerve and Against a rival that may sound: Millenium. That team did not get to finally reach the LCS, but they could see great plays of professionals who are currently true stars like Rasmus himself, Wickd in the upper lane or UpSet as a shooter.

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