All locations Reboot Van in FORTNITE CHAPTER 3 SEASON 2

Reloading VANS can mean the difference between the defeat and the royal victory for your team in Fortnite. They allow you to revive one or all your defendants on the team at the same time, reuniting your team back to its full strength. As soon as you collect a map of rebooting your fallen teammate, you will want to go to the nearest van as soon as possible. Since the card is often changing between seasons and chapters, these locations may also differ. With the advent of new places and attractions now, 35 vans are scattered at different places. Not all of them are easy to find, some of them are in important places, some on the sights, and some in more random open places. That’s where to find them.

Restart vans

  • B Sink or High Water
  • B seven cashposts II
  • In sleepy sound
  • In Forest warehouse Loggem
  • B Crackshit Hut
  • South-West from Saplong Saplings
  • north of Command Cave
  • South-West from Command Cave
  • In hug camp
  • Southeast from broadcast bunker
  • B Sent grove
  • northeast of crisp crater
  • In turbine south of power towers
  • In Sinaps station
  • B drifting dunes
  • In Rocky drums
  • Northeast from Chateau Bob
  • B Condo Canyon
  • In hidden settlement
  • B Jones
  • northeast of destroyed temple
  • In tanned shacks island
  • In mighty monument island
  • In launch panel island
  • In sanctuary
  • Southwest from Pond pond
  • In Inclined towers

  • south of horses intersection
  • In daily mountain
  • East Daily Mountain
  • B seven cashposts III
  • East Sleepy Sound
  • B Fortress
  • In moving shafts

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