Peter Hermann becomes 70

Dear Peter,

Trotz The crises of this time – two years ago Corona collected us, now this terrible criminal war came to the Russians – I hope that you can celebrate and enjoy your present day of honor in the circle of your family. When I look at your birth date and put your outward appearance with it, I do not like to believe that you complete your 70th year of life. Since you are still an active athlete today, the time has no traces left with you.

I, I always wanted to tell you, but now the optimal occasion is: The five-year cooperation, which both connected to us at Bayer Leverkusen and in Munich, was always a pleasure despite the pressure of success and stress. With your peace and quietness you always have a balancing employee. Your football-specific competence, your tireless diligence and your comprehensive knowledge – from the German amateur league on the professional area to the international leagues – made you the perfect assistant. Therefore, it is all the more pleased that these qualities, your expertise and conscientiousness, your love for your profession received your athletic assessment with the profit of Triples 2013. You have made a significant contribution to this success.

You just stayed people.

Jupp Heynckes to Peter Herrmann

_NEVE The sporting coryphalian, which you, who, who are manifested, I have also known you as a great person with a wonderful character and treasise. You are any vanity alien, you encounter your environment with a very special empathy. Thus, the players and employees in the clubs have not only respected, but also liked and blackened in the highest tones of you. For your restraint and modesty you earn all praise. You just stayed person.

A longtime duo – and in solid friendship connected: Jupp Heynckes (Li.) And Peter Herrmann. Imago / Sven Simon

Peter Hermann

This general appreciation that you will serve, I can only confirm as your former colleague. In the five years of our interaction we were together almost every day, you had a strong own opinion, which you have always opened open and honestly in our analyzes and intensive exchange, but we did not have dissonances or differences one time.

So was this partnership something very special in my career.

Da you will always stay connected to the football and will not be for your lap birthday for your lap birthday, and – with a view to the currently difficult times – a future in peace and satisfaction with all your loves.

Bleib ‘as you are, dear peter.

I embrace you,


DEIN friend jupp

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