Lars Windhorst excludes retreat from Hertha BSC

“Lars Windhorst has registered the reports on the statements by Mr Kruse,” Fritzenkötter said the Hertha BSC on Tuesday afternoon. “It alone is a matter of club tour, whom you determine to the figurehead of Hertha BSC and at which level these representatives of the association then speak publicly.”

The former Hertha captain Kruse had shared in the episode published on Monday of the “RBB” podcast “capital of the Cystby” Windhorst and said: “The investor is not looking for the president here. I find it shocking that the investor is in times of 50 + 1 turns down and says he does not work together, only with everyone else who is approved for him. Is that not a new one again, he gets a new 1. “That’s really sick.”

Bobic does not comment Kruse Attack

The former Hertha captain is considered close familiar of the Werner counterbauer acting as a club president. In the most recent production of Hertha Docu “Welcome to Berlin”, Kruse acted as an interface between the English filmmakers and Herthas team. In addition, the former striker since the beginning of February official club representative.

Kruse is besides Marko Rehmer and Gabor Kiraly one of the faces of the “flag carrier” initiative launched by the club, with the Hertha namific ex-players bind more closely to the club and more visible. Kruse, Dehmer and Kiraly, according to Managing Director of Fredi Bobic, are said to be a traditional club “support communicatively and serve as important multipliers and counselors around Hertha BSC”. A Hertha BSCmand regarding the kruse attack against the investor (“stupid he is still”) did not want to answer Bobic on Tuesday.

Regardless of the new distortions and deep trenches, Windhorstr’s Tennor Group, which has since June 2019 since June 2019 puts 375 million euros in the capital club and acquired 64.7 percent of the shares in Hertha BSC KGaA (limited partnership on shares), to a sale of the shares.

Lars Windhorst Machtkampf gegen Werner Gegenbauer. Hertha BSC kommt nicht zur Ruhe. Meine Meinung!

A retreat definitely excludes Lars Windhorst.

Andreas Fritzenkötter

“A retreat excludes Lars Windhorst definitely,” Tennor spokesman Fritzenkötter said the Hertha BSC. “He would even invest more money in the future of the association if there should be a sensible solution to the problems. Lars Windhorst continues to believe in the great potential he sees in Hertha BSC. His doubts do not relate to the entire club, but solely on the future viability and leadership skills of the club tip. “

At the same time reaffirmed Fritzenkötter Windhorst’s intention to talk to the members’ meeting in May to the members, and stressed: “For Lars Windhorst, it is a matter of club members to make suggestions for the candidate to the presidential office. He himself will not name a candidate. But of course he will namely Every reasonable proposal that can solve Hertha’s leadership problems. ” Counterbauer, who had received only 54 percent of the votes without a counter candidate during his last re-election in October 2020, is elected by 2024. For the general meeting in May, several deselection applications is expected.

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